Forever Loyal

Faculty Support

Architecture professors  Brad Deal and Robert Brooks stand at “Pisces Bridge,” which was designed and built by Tech architecture students at MedCamps of Louisiana.What difference can great teachers make?

They can change your life. They can help you change the world. Just ask the students of Tech architecture faculty Brad Deal and Robert Brooks. With their leadership, students in the School of Design partnered with MedCamps, a nonprofit organization that provides free summer camp experiences for children with chronic illness and disabilities. Over the course of four years, the students designed and constructed projects that revitalized the camp facility and opened new opportunities for the precious children it serves. Their project and a resulting film by Professors Deal and Brooks swept awards at the 2016 American Institute of Architects convention, but the most lasting impact is in how the MedCamps project changed Tech students. Architecture became more than a course of study or a career field. It became a powerful way to make the world a better place.

Endowed Chair

Gift of $1,000,000 for a named endowment

Gifts to establish three faculty chair endowments will help Louisiana Tech attract and retain outstanding senior faculty members, who will serve as leaders for our research programs in the priority areas of cyber security, health and wellness, and energy. These endowments should generate approximately $40,000 a year that can be used as salary supplement, to support research operations, or pay for professional travel. We are seeking $1,000,000 in private funding for each of these three chairs so they can be immediately established and not delayed by the promise of a $400,000 state match, which may take several years to materialize, if at all. However, Louisiana Tech will continue to seek these state matches and, ultimately, these chairs may have a corpus of $1.4 million.

Presidential Professorships

Gift of $30,000 for a one-time named award / Gift of $250,000 for a named endowment

An exciting new program to reward outstanding Louisiana Tech faculty, the Presidential Professors program will work like this: Each year, the university community will be invited to nominate faculty members whose outstanding service in teaching or research deserves special commendation. The nominations can come from deans, alumni, fellow professors, staff, or students. A committee organized by the Provost’s office will review the nominations and select that year’s Presidential Professors, who will be announced in a university-wide ceremony. Donors will be invited to the ceremony, so they can meet and congratulate the professor who holds their named award. Presidential Professors will receive a special stipend of $10,000 a year for the three-year term of their award. They can elect to have this funding added to their salary or retirement savings or they can choose to invest it in teaching or research endeavors. Professors can be re-nominated for Presidential Professorships after a one-year hiatus.