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Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships

Increasing private support for graduate students is critical to Louisiana Tech’s goals of providing unparalleled education and tackling grand research challenges. Donor-funded graduate awards, which cover tuition and provide living stipends, help Tech compete nationwide for top master’s and PhD students, who make immeasurable contributions to our teaching, research, and corporate partnerships. One notable bonus of recruiting graduate students from universities nationwide is that they bring new ideas, innovations, and technology skills that strengthen all our endeavors.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Gift of $15,000 for a one-time named award / Gift of $400,000 for a named endowment

These awards, which provide living stipends in addition to covering tuition, will give Louisiana Tech recruiters a valuable resource in the nationwide recruitment of graduate students with a gift and passion for classroom teaching.

Graduate Research Assistantships and Fellowships

Gift of $20,000 for a one-time named award / Gift of $500,000 for a named endowment

These awards will help Louisiana Tech recruit top graduate students with a focus on research. In particular, we will seek graduate students with interest in research that matches Louisiana Tech’s goal of tackling grand challenges in the areas of cyber security, health and wellness, and energy. Graduate Research Assistants must fulfill employment terms, typically through hours working in the research labs. Graduate Research Fellowships are structured to provide graduate students with more flexibility in the way they contribute to research endeavors.