Coronavirus FAQs

As the Department of Residential Life continues to respond to COVID-19 and plan for Fall 2020, we know you have questions.  We have  collected some of those reoccurring questions and have answered them as best we can at this time.  We will continue to provide updates and communicate with our residents via your Tech email as often as necessary. 

What plans is the University making to return to campus?

Please review the University’s Coronavirus webpage HERE to view our campus plans.

How can I contact someone from the Residential Life office?

Currently, our staff is continuing to work remotely from home as much as possible.  However, we are all available by email.  Our office hours for the summer are as follows:  Monday-Thursday: 7:30am-12, 12:45-5pm and Friday: 7:30am-12:30pm.  At times our student staff will be assisting in answering our phone calls and at other times, our full time staff will have the office number redirected to our personal phones so that we may answer your questions.  Please be patient as we may not be able to answer if we are on another call at the time or if we are in a meeting.  You may leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.   You may also email us at  Although we are working remotely, we aim to be available to answer your questions and serve our students!

What should I do if I am interested in being reassigned to another housing location before Fall move in?

Since we are working remotely from home, our process has had to change a bit.  We are now maintaining a waiting list for these spaces and assigning as we have availability.  If you are interested in being put on a waiting list or switching to another room, please send an email to with your name, CWID and the housing location preference/list you want to be placed on.  You will only receive a reply once we are able to reassign you if and when something becomes available.  Unfortunately, we are unable to inform you of availability by phone right now as we do not all have the capability to view this and have one area with our department that focuses on the assignments portion.  Thanks for your understanding!

Mitchell Hall is co-ed now?

Yes, due to our desire to decrease density in our 3-resident per bedroom housing options in Adams, Aswell, and Dudley halls, we have reassigned the males who were previously booked rooms in Mitchell South to rooms in Mitchell North.  Mitchell South will be female for the fall and is now visible on the portal as a female housing option.  Females currently assigned in Adams and Aswell who would like to be reassigned to Mitchell may email us at  Once a space opens up in a room in Adams, Aswell and Dudley, the space will be closed and the room will be marked as “full” with two assigned residents.  Card readers will be placed on each wing of Mitchell hall to keep our residents safe and enable them only to access the wing in which they are assigned.

Will I be able to see my assigned housing before move in?

At this time, due to COVID-19 and a desire to protect our students living on campus with us this summer and in preparing for our Fall residents, we are not offering tours of housing during the summer.  You may check out our website for videos of our various housing locations.  We also have 360 videos of a room in each location on our youtube page HERE


When will move in be held?

Fall 2020 move in will be held over multiple days – Friday, September 4th through Tuesday, September 8th.  Each day a specific number of move in appointments will be allotted by time slot.  Time slots will be an hour long and are as follows:  8:30-9:30am, 10-11am, 11:30-12:30am, 1-2pm, 2:30-3:30pm, 4-5pm.  Residents will be able to book their own move in appointment beginning on July 15th at 9am.  Residents must book their move in appointment at least 24 hours in advance and can cancel or change their appointment up to 24 hours before their previously scheduled time.  Each building/location will have a limited number of spots available at each time slot each day to abide by social distancing requirements and to limit interactions.  Please visit our move in page for more details about this process!

What about Dog Haul?

 At this time, we have not made any major decisions about Dog Haul.  Our SGA is conducting some polls and discussing potential protocol to best keep our student organization volunteers and families safe and healthy.  We will release information regarding Dog Haul at a later date.

Will you be hosting the Community Retreat for Freshmen?

Unfortunately, no.  Since we have to expand our move in to multiple dates to adhere to social distancing concerns, we are unable to offer a community retreat.  However, we have several exciting things planned for our freshmen residents.

Will students be able to eat on campus upon move in?

Students will be able to use their Declining Balance dollars on their meal plan to eat upon move in.  Food options will be available each day of move in except Monday, September 7th as food service is closed to observe the holiday.  Chick-fil-A will be open on Friday and Tech Table will be open on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.  The meal plan “meals” in the Tech Table will begin Tuesday evening for dinner at 4pm.  Students are encouraged to visit the Tech Express office after they have moved in to get their Tech ID card.  A Tech ID card will be needed to eat on campus.  The Tech Express office hours will be 10am-5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of move in.  Their office will be closed on Monday, September 7th and will return to regular scheduled hours (8am-5pm) on Tuesday, September 8th.

What is Residential Life doing to prevent the spread of illness on campus in the residential communities?

Our Residential Life custodial staff cleans specifically as directed by the Center for Disease Control.  While we normally do not clean communal areas on Saturdays and Sundays, our staff has begun doing so in an effort to have the “high touch” areas cleaned daily.  All doorknobs, light switches, communal areas, laundry facilities, etc are receiving special attention per CDC guidelines.  We are encouraging social distancing, proper hand washing and limiting the number of students who may gather.

Signs will be placed at each of our community spaces within our residential facilities that state the maximum occupancy of the space in which to observe social distancing.  We ask that residents not move furniture in those spaces, as they will be arranged to encouraged safe distancing.  Residents are required to wear masks at any location outside of their room/apartment.  Visitation will be restricted to only Louisiana Tech students and residents only allowed one guest at a time.  Residents in our communal bath locations will be assigned a shower stall to utilize to limit a resident’s potential exposure.  Spray cleaner will be available in each of our community shower locations for our residents to use.  They will be encouraged to spray their shower prior to and after usage.

Prior to the usual overall cleaning, each room is sprayed with Quatri-cide, a phosphate-free germ killer that has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19; it cleans, disinfects and deodorizes.  Prior to our first official move in day of Friday, September 4th, our residential facilities will have been unoccupied for 10-14 days.  According to current CDC guidelines and verification from our Department of Environmental Safety, the virus is not shown to survive on surfaces more than 7 days. Our staff is required to wear masks and has been a part of training sessions held by the University’s Department of Environmental Services to ensure we are providing a safe and clean environment for our residents.  The health and safety of our residents and staff remains to be the top priority of our daily decisions and long term plans.

What changes will my student notice while living on campus this Fall?

Currently, the following updates to policies and procedures will be in place in the Fall.

  • Residents may only have visitors in residential facilities that are other Louisiana Tech students.  We ask that a resident only have one guest in their residential location at a time.
  • We will also limit the number of students who may occupy a lounge, laundry room, kitchen, etc. at a time.  This has been calculated by looking at the square feet of the  area and the capacity determined by ensuring each person has 6-10 ft of social distancing space.  The capacity limits will be posted in each location and will be enforced  by our residential life staff.
  • A hand sanitizing station will be located at the main entrance of each suite and residence hall.
  • Our staff – student, full-time and custodial/maintenance – will wear masks and practice hand washing regularly while interacting with our residents.
  • Our programming model may look different as we strive to provide opportunities to create campus communities while maintaining a safe environment.
  • All visitors and residents are strongly encouraged to wear masks when outside of their rooms.

Please note that we are continuing to assess how best to accommodate the needs of our residents while also following guidelines per CDC for maintaining a safe and healthy campus.  The above are current planned responses to COVID-19 prevention.  However, as the virus and governmental directives change or update, we will modify these responses.

Will I have the opportunity to paint my residence hall room prior to move in?

The only residents allowed to paint  their rooms are those in our  traditional halls:  Graham, Dudley, Aswell, Adams, Cottingham, and Mitchell.  Due to our desire to limit the access into a resident’s room prior to move in and our desire to maintain a clean and safe living environment, we will not be able to offer residents the opportunity to arrive early to paint a room. Students may paint during their days on campus with us.  We apologize for the inconvenience but hope you will understand that our first priority is your health and safety.