Tribute to Philip J. Coane

Tribute to the Memory of Long Time Friend and Co-Worker, Philip J. Coane

September 16, 1934 – October 18, 2014

The friend given you by circumstances over which you have no control was God’s own gift.

— Frederick Robertson

“... he went down as when a lordly cedar, green with boughs goes down, with a great shout upon the hills, and leaves a lonely place against the sky.

— Edwin Markam, 1919

Headshot of Philip CoaneIfM will grieve for some time Philip’s passing, for with his passing great knowledge has been lost, as well as a great mentor, teacher,and friend to all IfM faculty, staff, and students. Philip will always be remembered for his gentle reserve; his dry sense of humor; the way he walked and carried himself looking stern, but was a softie underneath; and his individual attention to the faculty, staff and students.

IfM was Philip’s home, his co-workers, his friends for 21 years.  Philip accepted a position as Senior Research Engineer in June of 1993 and was responsible for setting up lithographic and ion beam processes for the fabrication of MEMS devices and systems, as well as establishing liaisons with research personnel in electroplating and x-ray mask technology. His knowledge and leadership led to his becoming the Associate Director of IfM Operations in 1997 and in 2008 the additional responsibilities and added title of Director of COES Research Facilities.

IfM has truly lost one of its greatest resources, assets and truest friends.

“When Someone You Love Becomes a Memory,
That Memory Becomes a Treasure”

In Recognition of twenty-one years of dedicated support and service to the Institute for Micromanufacturing, for its growth from the ground up; for being instrumental in bringing the IfM dream to fruition; for teaching and training students, staff, and faculty; for your leadership; and for being our steadfast anchor.

Philip J. Coane,
you will be sincerely missed.