Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

Purpose, Responsibilities, and Membership Categories

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is comprised of manufacturers, contractors, consulting engineers, associations, media, and public works representatives. The IAB is a valuable resource for the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) in strategic planning and program development, while also providing the TTC with industry perspectives. The IAB is engaged in identifying and prioritizing current and future needs of the trenchless technology industry, monitoring progress of specific projects, reviewing research results prior to dissemination, assisting in projects, assisting in transferring information to the public, and promoting construction education and interaction with college students interested in the industry. TTC Donors, Sponsors, and Benefactors are sublevels within the IAB with limited benefits and reduced membership costs.

The IAB meets three times annually. The primary Annuel meeting is a two-day event in Ruston, Louisiana, held each October. The other two meetings are organized in conjunction with national conferences, typically UCT and NASTT No-Dig or ASCE Pipelines. The IAB meetings are used to update the members on the status of things at the TTC, present ongoing or recently completed research, and discuss strategic priorities and work on projects. IAB members encourage organizations and individual donors to provide financial support to the TTC, and set an example through contributions in an amount in relation to their category as a member. The IAB Membership categories and their corresponding annual contributions are:

  1. Manufacturers ($10,000);
  2. Contractors ($10,000);
  3. Associations ($5,000);
  4. Media (in-kind);
  5. Education/Research ($5,000);
  6. Engineering Consultants ($2,000); and
  7. Public Works (in-kind).

TTC Donor (<$2,000), Sponsor ($2,000-$5,000), and Benefactor ($5,000-$10,000) contribution levels are available for manufacturers, contractors, and engineers interested in membership with limited benefits.


Benefits of IAB Membership

IAB members get the recognition of major commitment to supporting the advancement of trenchless technology. The IAB member company and the representative holding the seat on the IAB are listed on the TTC website, in the TTC newsletters (which are published quarterly in Trenchless Technology Magazine), and on the TTC booth at conferences and meetings.

  • IAB members have priority in presenting at TTC Municipal Forums & other TTC-organized events.
  • IAB members get the presenter’s fee waiver at any TTC Municipal Forum where they present.
  • IAB members have priority in collaborating with TTC on research proposals & projects.
  • IAB members qualify for discounted cost of laboratory & field testing at the TTC.
  • IAB members have the option for early recruitment of TTC graduate students.
  • IAB members get special assistance in obtaining publications from the TTC archives.
  • IAB members get early access to research findings prior to publication on non-private research projects.


Benefits of TTC Donor, Sponsor, and Benefactor Membership

TTC donors, sponsors, and benefactors get the recognition of supporting the advancement of trenchless technology. The company is listed on the TTC website, in the TTC newsletters (which are published quarterly in Trenchless Technology Magazine), and on the TTC booth at conferences and meetings.

  • TTC Donors & Sponsors receive discounts on TTC reports & admission for TTC-organized events.
  • TTC Sponsors can attend the morning session at one TTC Municipal Forum for free.
  • TTC Benefactors can attend the morning session at two TTC Municipal Forums for free.
  • TTC Benefactors receive TTC reports at cost & get free admission for TTC-organized events.