Funding Opportunities and Notices


NASA has developed programming for a special 2.5 hour live broadcast in honor of the Apollo 50th Anniversary. The broadcast will be live on NASA TV from 12:00 – 2:30 pm (CDT) on Friday, July 19th. The first two hours are suitable to space science enthusiasts of all ages. The final half-hour is produced by the NASA Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) and will focus on middle school science activities being conducted live from several science centers around the country. The activities are meant to be adaptable to at home kitchen-science style activities, as well as a formal science classrooms. If you are teaching this summer, working with students in your lab, or assisting with any STEM summer camps or K-12 teacher workshops you might want to host a watch party. More information about this broadcast can be found here and additional resources and anniversary events can be found here. Please share this announcement with people in your network.


The revised program policies for the BoRSF Endowed Professorships program, incorporating the option of seeking match for first-generation undergraduate scholarships and dividing pre- and post-match provisions into separate documents, are now available on our website ( These policies went into effect on July 1 and will be operative during the FY 2019-20 funding cycle.

In addition, be reminded that in FY 2018-19 the Board of Regents approved a new online component in Endowed Professorships submission process, requiring campuses submitting annual requests to upload the rank-order list of match requests to LOGAN in addition to submitting hard copies of original establishing documents. Since this requirement was new in the last cycle, staff processed and submitted to the BoR for approval match requests submitted without the online component; in FY 2019-20, applications missing the LOGAN component will not be accepted. We ask that all campus staff involved in the submission of Endowed Professorships applications be notified of this, to ensure we can provide matching for eligible contributions in accordance with policy requirements.

QUESTIONS: please contact me at or (225) 219-7169.