Managing Awards

Post-Award Management 

For help managing grant expenditures, please contact:

Reagan Silva 
Phone: 318.257.5077

Courtney Jarrell
Phone: 318.257.2377

Contract Management 

Contact Courtney Jarrell if you have any questions regarding contracts or if any of the following apply:

  • You have an award letter
  • You need an industrial contract
  • You need contract
  • You need a professional service contract 
  • You need a sub-award contract

Grant Account Setup/Management FAQ’s

How do I get an Account Number?

Your award will receive an account number once the award letter is received or contract is finalized.  If you have questions regarding the status of your account number, please contact Courtney Jarrell.

How do I move money from one category to another?

  1. Contact agency to request.(Only if necessary)
  2. Fill out Budget Adjustment Form
  3. Email to Reagan Silva

Who do I contact for Grant Management within my college/center?

College of Engineering and Science

Angelia Wallace
Phone: 318.257.2598

Institute for Micro-manufacturing

Zynthia Rhodes
Phone: 318.257.5117

Hayley Moore
Phone: 318.257.5101

Trenchless Technology Center

Fredda Wagner
Phone: 318.257.4072


Shelley Scripture
Phone: 318.383.5761