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If you have one of the following, then you will need to submit a proposal:

  • proposal submission
  • award of money
  • a gift of money.

Submit Request for Award

Please follow these steps:

1. Prepare Budget/Notice of Award

2. Request Contract or Other Forms

If you have a gift or an award of money and need a contract, please contact Melissa Dobson at

Facility and Administrative Form (F&A Form)
Facility and Administrative Waiver (F&A Waiver Form)
Fringe Form


Melissa K. Dobson

V. Reagan Silva

3. Submit Proposal, Gift or Award of Money

The Sponsored Project Proposal Review/Routing Form must accompany all sponsored project proposals as they are routed for signatures along with a copy of the funding agency’s guidelines. The following steps must be followed in a timely manner during the routing process:

Step 1: Faculty member obtains routing form and proposal number from Office of Sponsored Projects.
Step 2: Faculty member discusses proposal with College Research Director.
Step 3: Faculty member obtains approval of Unit Head and College Dean.
Step 4: Faculty member forwards proposal to Office of Sponsored Projects.

Now you are ready to submit via the button below.



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