Hall Effect Measurement System

The LakeShore’s Hall Effect Measurement System (HMS, model 7707) is an advanced electrical measurement system designed to characterize a wide range of materials and analyze their electronic transport properties. This Hall measurement system is useful to study Hall effects and transport properties in pure semiconducting or doped materials, magnetoresistance materials, superconductors, conducting oxides and polymers by making four-point electrical measurements or six-point Hall bar measurements. This equipment allows users to control the magnetic field while measuring, and determine material properties, such as resistivity, carrier concentration, carrier mobility, Hall coefficient, etc. Thin films and bulk samples can be measured.

• Samples can be measured in 4-contact Van der Pauw or 6-contact Hall bar configuration.

• Magnetic field up to 1.2 Tesla can be applied during the measurement.

• Measure Hall voltage, electrical resistance, and current-voltage characteristics, and calculate Hall coefficient, resistivity, mobility, and carrier concentration. 

• Samples with resistances ranging from 1.0 mΩ to 10 x 109 Ω can be measured with < 2% measurement uncertainty. 

• Good magnetic field stability with water-cooled magnet coils.

• User-friendly software for creating measurement profile with multiple measurement steps or using different contact probes.

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