Bond Aligner

The Süss MicroTec MA/BA6 Mask/Bond Aligner is a high-precision UV exposure system used for pattern transfer by standard lithography process as well as for alignment of wafers for the wafer bonding process. The MA6 is used for the fabrication of microstructures and circuit patterns for electronic device and MEMS applications. This system allows for top side and bottom side alignments, facilitating pattern printing on both sides of the substrate. The MA6 system features different exposure modes with high alignment accuracy and is designed for achieving high resolution and edge quality. The high exposure energy source coupled with high-intensity optics allows for thick resist patterning in high density interconnect and multichip module applications.  

• Accurate exposure gap setting in the range of 1-300 µm is possible for higher yield.

• High-intensity UV light source reduces exposure time. The light source is a Hg lamp that can provide power in the range of 200-1000W with an intensity uniformity of ± 5%. 

• Top and bottom side alignment and Infrared alignment. Top side alignment accuracy of ± 0.5 µm and bottom side alignment accuracy of ± 1.0 µm can be achieved. 

• Reliable sub-micron printing capability.

• Different exposure modes, such as soft, hard, vacuum, and proximity contacts are possible.

• Bond alignment feature with high accuracy fixture.

• Four-inch wafers are processed routinely. The system can accommodate up to 6” wafers.

Contact Person:  Davis Bailey Email: Tel: 318-257-5111