Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

The Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition system (Model: Dual 790 PECVD from PlasmaTherm) is a thin film deposition tool primarily used to deposit materials, such as silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, oxynitride, and amorphous silicon, etc. The PECVD processes allow depositing these materials relatively at low temperatures compared to conventional CVD processes. This system has two process chambers, and these chambers are selectively used to deposit either oxide or nitride material. A single RF source in a switchable configuration allows the users to run the process in any of these two chambers. Selection of different process gases, such as SiH4, NH3, N2O, H2, O2, etc., and their flow rate can be controlled through the software. Process temperature can be varied in the range of 25-350oC.

• Traditional silicon compounds for MEMS, semiconductor, and optoelectronics applications can be deposited. 

• Processes can be run easily from stored recipe files. New processes can be easily created.  

• Low-temperature processes compared to conventional CVD processes.

• Wide range of process parameters allows users to control the stoichiometry and quality of the deposited films. 

• The highly repeatable process runs for consistent film quality and higher yield.

• Process chambers can be easily cleaned by the plasma process. 

• Substrates can be heated to a maximum temperature of 350oC. 

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