Reactive Ion Etcher

The Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE, Model: SLR 720 from PlasmaTherm) is a plasma etching system that is used to etch materials, such as silicon, polysilicon, silicon oxide, silicon nitride, photoresist, metal films, polymers, etc. This SLR 720 RIE is a dual chamber system with a load-lock, and the two chambers are selectively used for etching processes that involve different chemistry. Currently, fluorine, chlorine, and oxygen plasma processes are used to etch materials in this system. System software allows selection and control of pressure and flow rate for different process gases, such as SF6, CF4, CHF3, H2, O2, Cl2, He, etc. A single RF source in a switchable configuration allows users to run etch process in any of these chambers.

• Silicon, silicon nitride, and polymer materials, including photoresists, can be etched for MEMS, semiconductor, and optoelectronics applications. 

• Some III-V compound semiconductors and diamond-like carbon (DLC), and also metal films, such as Al, Pt, Ti, and W can be etched. 

• Processes can be run easily from stored recipe files. New processes can be easily created.  

• The highly repeatable process runs for higher yield.

• Etch processes can also be performed in manual mode.

Contact Person:  Davis Bailey Email: Tel: 318-257-5111