Scanning Electron Microscope

The AMRAY SEM (Model: 1830) is a low-resolution scanning electron microscope, currently fitted with a tungsten filament as the electron source. This SEM is generally operated at slightly higher electron beam energies (15–30kV), and it has a resolution of ~ 5-10 nm under optimum conditions. The electron optical column is maintained at low pressures (< 10-6 Torr) by a turbomolecular pump and an ion pump. All the SEM controls are manual, and the alignment of the electron column can be easily performed. The specimen chamber has a drawer-like design for loading specimens, and the working distance can be manually adjusted. This configuration allows for imaging both thick specimens and thin wafers in this SEM. The available X-Y motorized specimen stage facilitates locating the region of interest on the sample surface.

• Thick specimens with a height approximately 1.0 mm to 25 mcm can be imaged.

• Ordinary materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and machined or stamped materials, concretes, and other solid materials can be imaged. 

• Filament change and electron column alignment can be performed easily.

• Elemental X-ray analysis can be performed, and the images can be captured in digital format.   

•  Resolution of ~ 5-10 nm and a magnification of 100kx can be obtained under optimum conditions.

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