Stylus Surface Profiler – Dektak 150

The Dektak 150 Surface Profiler is a reliable and versatile surface roughness and step-height measurement system. This instrument has the capability to perform precise step-height measurements down to 50 angstroms for thin films, and up to several hundred microns for thick films, and is used for critical micro and nano-scale measurements in MEMS research and for thin-film metrology. This system includes a motorized X-Y translational stage that provides a long scan range (up to 55 mm) and accommodates thick samples (up to 90 mm). This system uses a low-inertia sensor head that offers high sensitivity, providing high vertical and horizontal resolution, and also enabling precise planarity scans for measuring the radius of curvature, flatness, and waviness. Measurements of surface parameters, and 3D surface mapping and analysis can be performed.

• High precision surface roughness and step height measurements

• Low-force characterization and long scan lengths of up to 55 mm

• Large vertical range of 1 mm with more than 100,000 data points

• High aspect ratio trench depth measurements

• Microlens height/curvature and V-groove depth analysis can be performed

• Measurements of various surface parameters

Contact Person:  Davis Bailey Email: Tel: 318-257-5111