Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer

The NOVA 2200e is a surface area and pore size characterization system. This unit can measure B.E.T. surface area of samples using the helium void volume method or helium free method. This programmable pore size analyzer can measure both adsorption and desorption isotherms.  Samples are outgassed under vacuum or inert gas purge at elevated temperatures. The surface area for most of the samples is measured by nitrogen adsorption at liquid nitrogen temperature. For samples with very low surface area, krypton adsorption can be performed at liquid nitrogen temperature. Average pore size and total pore volumes of materials can be analyzed.

• Samples can be degassed conveniently at elevated temperatures prior to performing surface area measurements.  

• Micropore and mesopore size distributions in materials can be measured.

• System can utilize any gas for adsorption isotherms.

• Samples can be cooled with liquid nitrogen during measurement.

• Different computational analyses related to surface area and pore volume of samples, such as B.E.T., Langmuir, V-t method, DR method, Alpha-S method, BJH pore size distribution, etc., can be performed. 

• Low surface area capability with compensation for adsorption on cell walls.

Contact Person:  Davis Bailey Email: Tel: 318-257-5111