TA Instruments Q50 TGA Thermogravimetric Analyzer

The Q50 Thermogravimetric Analyzer from TA Instruments is a precision thermobalance used for performing thermal analysis of samples. The furnace in this system features low mass, rugged heater windings, and proprietary heater control technology that allows rapid, accurate and precise temperature and rate programming. This system has integrated dual mass flow controllers that provide precise purge gas metering. This machine features an accurate vertical thermobalance with the capacity to measure sample weight up to 1g. This thermobalance is housed in a temperature-compensated environment that provides the best accuracy and precision in weight change detection from ambient to 1000oC and reliable operation over the entire weight range. This system also features a single control/sample thermocouple positioned very close to the sample, and the overall design integrated with a second thermocouple located slightly above in the same sleeve ensures that simultaneous heating rate control and sample temperature measurement are accurately and precisely accomplished. This system facilitates a regulated portion of the gas to be directed through the balance chamber to eliminate backflow, and the combined gases plus any sample effluent to exit the system by a side arm efficiently in order to minimize buoyancy effects and optimize removal of decomposition products from the sample area. The automatic low-volume gas switching valves deliver an instantaneous change of purge gas that is critical when converting between inert and oxidizing atmosphere.

• Heat samples from room temperature to 1000oC with the controlled heating rate of 0.1 to 100oC/min
• Dual digital mass flow controllers and automatic gas switching capability
• The isothermal temperature accuracy and precision of ±1oC and ± 0.1oC
• Maximum sample weight of 1.0 gram with the sensitivity of 0.1µg and precision of ±0.01%
• Rapid furnace cooling with forced air, from 1000oC to 50oC in less than 12 minutes
• Low baseline dynamic drift of less than 50 µg
• Easy-to-use software to set and maintain the temperature and heating rate
• Platinum or ceramic sample pans
• Metered purge gas flow across the samples

Contact Person:  Dr. Yuri Lvov Email: Tel: 318-257-5144