Wafer Bonder – Suss MicroTec SB 6e

The SB 6e wafer bonder from Süss MicroTec, Inc., is a high precision system that offers process capabilities for bonding two or more glass substrates or silicon wafers together using various adhesive technologies for high-quality packaging. The design and tooling of this system support several types of wafer bonding processes. This system makes use of the available Süss bond aligner BA6 for alignment of wafers, and together they offer capabilities for the fabrication of MEMS, optoelectronics, and 3D interconnects. This system delivers superior post bond alignment accuracy, uniform force capability and precise temperature control. This is a semi-automated platform with both vacuum and pressure controlled atmosphere capability, and the independent upper and lower substrate heaters and precise force control during the wafer bonding process allow tuning of the device performance. This system also features a standardized wafer-transport mechanism, and an ergonomic load/unload station with gate valve-type port to minimize chamber exposure to the atmosphere and eliminates chamber contamination.

• Bonding of wafers up to 150 mm in diameter.

• Up to 1 µm post bond alignment capability for better yield.

• Independent top and bottom heaters compensate for different thermal mismatch delivering optimum bond quality. 

• Precise temperature control (from room temperature to 500 oC) and programmable force control (from 300 N to 20 kN) during the wafer bonding process. 

• Fast heating and active cooling to reduce process cycle time.

• Processes can be run easily from stored recipe files. New processes can be easily created.  

• Highly repeatable wafer bond process runs for higher yield. 

Contact Person:  Phil Chapman  Email:  Tel:   318-257-5114