Zeta Plus – Zeta Potential and Particle Size Analyzer

The Zeta Potential Analyzer (Zeta Plus from Brookhaven Instruments) is a simple and accurate electrophoretic mobility and surface charge measurement system.  Solutions or suspensions of nanoparticles, colloidal-sized materials, polymers, and most of the proteins in any non-absorbing liquid with dielectric constant  > 20 and viscosity < 5 cP can be used for measurements. Particles with sizes in the range of 2 nm and 3 µm in diameter can be measured. The zeta potential in the range of -220mV and 220mV and the electrophoretic mobility in the range of 10-9 to 10-7 m2/V.s can be measured accurately. The maximum sample concentration that can be used is 40% v/v, which is sample dependent. The bimodal zeta potential of a sample can be obtained from analyzing a mixture of charged particles.  

• Zeta potential measurements in low salt aqueous solutions or suspensions can be performed.

• No cell alignment or calibration is required. The system uses one piece, low cost, disposable sample cells. 

• Rapid determination of electrophoretic mobility and real-time display of the information obtained from the sample at room temperature. 

• Determination of isoelectric point is possible.

• Doppler frequency shift, electrophoretic mobility, zeta potential using Smoluchowski or Huckel model can be presented.  

• The system can resolve multi-modal size distributions.

Contact Person:  Davis Bailey Email: Tel: 318-257-5111