Summer 2020

Use the Summer to Level Up

Start your summer off strong by advancing your educational goals. With entry-level and upper-level course offerings, Louisiana Tech remains ready to support you and your educational progress.

Whether you are a current Tech student, a future Tech student, or a former Tech student, there are opportunities for you to make personal progress this summer as you level up!

Why choose summer courses?

Financial flexibility

  • Loyal Blue Scholarships
  • Online fee  waivers ($25/credit hour)
  • Available Financial Aid

Continued progress

  • Recover credits from dropped or failed classes.
  • Catch up or get a jump start on prerequisites and enroll in hard-to-get courses.
  • Earn credits toward a minor.
  • Gain work credentials and certifications.
  • Graduate on time or early

Flexible schedules

  • Schedule courses around time with family and friends or work schedules, all while earning credits toward your degree.
  • Personalize your educational experience – schedule/spread courses over two summer sessions.
  • In-person and online classes allow you to choose classes that best meet your educational needs.

Transferable courses

  • Not a Tech student? No problem! We offer courses that will transfer and earn credit toward a degree at your home institution.

Personal improvement

  • Improve your academic, soft, and technical skills for academic and career advancement.

Sharpened focus

  • Worried about Summer brain drain? Summer courses will keep your mind active during the summer break.

You should consult with your academic advisor to determine which classes will be right for you. If you know your advisor, you should contact him or her. If you do not, you can reach out to these individuals based upon the College of your chosen major:

Courses in the first half and full summer terms will be in-person and online. We’re offering classes that tend to be bottlenecks for students during their academic careers. We’ll offer several sections of General Education Requirements courses, classes like Technical Writing, and introductory science and math courses. The full schedule of summer courses can be found in the Tech catalog.

Financial Aid

If you have already been awarded with financial aid for the year, you can complete a Request for Summer Aid Form. You’ll receive an email notice with the aid you are offered when your request has been processed. Students who have been awarded the TOPS Scholarship or a University Scholarship may also be eligible to request to use one of their eligible terms in the summer by completing the TOPS Summer Payment Request Form (not yet available) and the University Summer Scholarship Payment Request.