Proposal Submission

Please submit a proposal through the online Proposal Routing System if one of the following applies to you:

  • Need to submit a proposal to a Federal, State, Industry, or other external entity
  • Need to submit a pre-proposals or letters of intent
  • Have received an industry award that needs a contract and account number
  • Have received other external funding directly and need an account number

Routing Proposals, Pre-proposals, Notices/Letters of Intent

Please follow these steps:

1. Complete Internal Budget for Review

2. Request Contract or Other Forms

If you have received an industry award or other external funding and need a contract and grant account number, please contact Courtney Jarrell

Facilities and Administration Rate Agreement (Indirect Costs)”)
Facility and Administrative Waiver (F&A Waiver Form)
Fringe Benefit Rates


Courtney Jarrell

V. Reagan Silva

3. Submit Routing for Proposal or External Funding Received

The Proposal Routing Form must be complete prior to proposal submission to external entity.  The form is routed for appropriate approvals along with a copy of the funding agency’s guidelines. The following steps must be followed in a timely manner during the routing process:

Step 1: Faculty member reviews proposal guideline and drafts project summary and budget.
Step 2: Faculty member submits internal budget template for review.
Step 3: Faculty member discusses proposal with College Research Director.
Step 4: Faculty member obtains approval of Unit Head and/or College Dean for any University match needed.

Now you are ready to submit via the button below.



Beth Free

Pre-Award Coordinator

Department: Office of Sponsored Projects

Phone: 318.257.2415


Reagan Silva

Associate Director

Department: Office of Sponsored Projects

Phone: 318.257.5077