Office Of Sponsored Projects

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) will formulate, establish, and provide service-based oversight for a comprehensive, well-balanced program designed to enhance the competitiveness of research and scholarly activities.

Pre-submission review process

All external funding proposals, notices/letters of intent, and white papers must be routed for approval prior to submission (see Louisiana Tech Policy No. 7102 for clarification).

The principal investigator (PI) must first email their final budget and budget justification to Beth Free and the PI’s Research Director for review and approval prior to routing the proposal. Before this email, the PI should have already discussed match and release time with their college administrators.

Once all required calculation corrections are made to the budget and budget justification, the PI must log into Louisiana Tech University’s electronic routing system using their webmail username and password to upload all proposal documents and related materials.  

The Electronic Routing Guide can be downloaded from the main routing page. The online routing form fields mirror the original routing form with the exception of certifications that were added regarding PI compliance with Louisiana Policies and Procedures regarding research. There are drop down boxes for the PI to add their department head, center director (if applicable), research director, dean, and co-PIs.

Facility and administration waiver forms and internal budget templates can be downloaded from this section of the Research Enterprise site. If you experience problems, email

Helpful hints

Proposals, notices and letters of intent, etc., must be routed for institutional approval, ensuring that:

  • college administrators are aware of what the faculty are working on
  • the project fits with the mission of the university
  • resources and infrastructure exist to complete the project
  • university commitments are attainable
  • the project is in compliance with all federal, state, and university regulations (See Louisiana Tech Policy 7102)
  • budgets are correct when submitted
  • Louisiana Tech meets the highest standard of excellence.

Waiver form

If the funding agency restricts or does not allow indirect costs as a part of the budget, then a waiver form would have to be routed with your proposal for the amount that the agency does not allow. It is very rare that a waiver would be approved for a federal grant, since our federal indirect cost rate is negotiated and predetermined.


It is helpful to upload a copy of, or a link to, the grant guidelines, RFA, or BAA. Many errors are avoided when OSP has the opportunity to review the guidelines.

Start early

Again, start the routing process early! This means a minimum of five business days before a proposal is due. Electronic review should be done two weeks prior to the agency deadline.  Do not wait until the date a proposal is due to route for approval.

Check with your Dean and Research Director to confirm that you can route a proposal narrative draft for review (budget must first be final and approved by Sponsored Projects) and approval while you are polishing the proposal specifics. Please notify OSP if a due date is immediately pending.

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