Louisiana Tech President Dan Reneau proudly announced the establishment of the Global_Campus at the university’s fall faculty and staff luncheon on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

Under the leadership of Dr. James Smith, Global_Campus will be a highly interactive, electronic learning platform that will allow Louisiana Tech to combine its academic and faculty strengths with the power and convenience of the Internet and other distance delivery methods. It will offer a variety of degree and certificate programs as well as general education courses to students all over the world.

“Global_Campus will use the latest technological tools to enhance student’s learning while maintaining our university’s rich heritage of academic excellence,” says Reneau.

The mission of the Global_Campus is to position Louisiana Tech as a world-class leader in electronic learning, offering new educational opportunities for a global community that meets the needs of undergraduate, graduate, and non-traditional students.

Smith emphasizes the ability for Global_Campus to provide these educational services to all students – anytime, anywhere.

“Global_Campus will focus on providing complete online and distance education services to military, international, dual enrollment, adult and continuing education students,” explains Smith. “Traditional students will also be afforded more options and flexibility in their academic schedules.”

As Global_Campus continues to develop, Reneau’s vision is clear and focused on the future.

“Whether you live halfway around the world or only a few miles from campus, Global_Campus will provide students with an opportunity to experience the academic and professional development opportunities that Louisiana Tech has to offer.”

For more information on Louisiana Tech’s online and distance learning programs, visit www.latech.edu and click on the link for Global_Campus.

Written by Dave Guerin