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Commuting Forms
Emergency Notification System

Sign up for the Emergency Notification System!

Louisiana Tech is using an Emergency Notification System (ENS) so that students and employees can be notified quickly and efficiently in the event of an emergency. This system will be used for emergency notification purposes only!

Emergency contact information will be collected by Louisiana Tech University and sent to RAVE (formerly FirstCall) Mobile Safety Network. The information provided to RAVE is secure and will not be used for proprietary or non-emergency purposes.

Method of contact How to set-up method of contact
E-mail All University e-mail addresses are in the ENS system.
Off-Campus/Cell Phone Voice Call Log into your BOSS account. Under “Personal Info” select “Personal Phone Numbers”. Choose a phone number field and enter your off-campus number, then select type value “Emergency Voice Call” to receive a voice call notification.
Text Messaging Cell phone numbers with SMS: select type value “Emergency Text Msg” to receive a text message alert (you can use both voice call and text messaging by using two number fields with different type selections).
On- Campus Voice Call (Faculty/Staff Only) Office telephone numbers are already in the ENS system.
For more information, please call Student Affairs at 318.257.2445
Faculty Concern Form
Helping Distressed Students
Honor Code Reporting Form
Off-Campus Application Packet
On-Campus Living Regulations
Purchasing Forms

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Student Risk Assessment Referral
Threat Assessment Risk Rubric
Threat Assessment Team
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