About the Honors College

The mission of the Louisiana Tech Honors College is to promote excellence throughout the University. We do this through various programs: the University Honors Program, Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Nationally Competitive Awards, and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Each of these programs offers students an elevated experience of their time at Louisiana Tech in different ways.

The Honors Program

A 21-credit hour curriculum of honors courses threaded with an e-portfolio that students develop over their entire Honors Program education. Select students are admitted to the program upon review of an application submitted during students’ senior year of high school.

For more information, visit the Honors Programs.

Undergraduate Research and Service Learning

Undergraduate Research and Service Learning are high-impact practices that promote deep learning through student engagement. They help to connect students with faculty inside of the university and connect the university to the broader community.

Nationally Competitive Awards

Nationally competitive awards are some of the most prestigious, merit-based scholarships and fellowships awarded to college students in the nation. In 2023, Louisiana Tech had one Truman Scholarship finalist and two Goldwater Scholars.

Phi Kappa Phi

One of the oldest and highly respected honor societies in the United States, Phi Kappa Phi is open to students from all academic backgrounds. The Louisiana Tech Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi is open to the top 7 percent of juniors, the top 10 percent of seniors, and faculty and staff.

Study Abroad

For students who want to increase their global perspective, study abroad combines classroom instruction with cross-cultural experiences.