Louisiana Tech’s Prescott Memorial Library celebrated the 60th anniversary of the school’s Louisiana State Documents Depository Program with a reception on Monday, Oct. 6.

The program has been in operation at Tech since 1948, providing free public access to state-produced documents and information and consists of manuals, official documents and consumer information released by the state.

‘I have always said the library is the heart of the university,’ said Tech President Dan Reneau. ‘The library has the knowledge that everyone wants to know.’

Ruston Mayor Dan Hollingsworth also spoke during the reception, stating that he feels the state is well-served with the library.

‘As an avid reader, I owe immense (gratitude) to librarians,’ Hollingsworth said. ‘We appreciate the work you do.’

Mike DiCarlo, dean of library services, said Louisiana was second in the nation to develop a state depository program and that Prescott Memorial Library was originally one of 14 libraries to become a depository.

The documents depositary houses all of the state-produced documents, including agricultural resources, genealogical information, works of art, health and safety issues, and more.

‘It is a wonderful turnout,’ Rita Franks, documents librarian, said. ‘I am so pleased that so many people came to celebrate this important event for the library.’

Prescott’s depository program receives an average of 6,000 state documents each year.

Written by Judith Roberts