A Louisiana Tech architecture professor curated an exhibition of Indian art, architecture and culture that will run through the end of October at R. S. Barnwell Garden and Art Center in Shreveport.

Titled “Explore India,” the exhibition is sponsored by Louisiana State University-Shreveport and features textiles, sculptures, paintings, musical instruments and other art forms. The exhibition also has photographs of Indian people, architecture and monuments taken by curator Vibhavari Jani, an assistant professor in the School of Architecture.

Many of the objects and photographs in the exhibit are based on a 2004 Louisiana Tech research grant that allowed Jani to travel more than 1,000 miles in India, visiting dozens of cities and cultural sites. Her travels took her to areas in northern, northwestern and western parts of the country.

Her research objective was to understand how various cultures influenced Indian art and architecture.

“I interviewed many architects, designers, artists and various other professionals to understand how various cultures and religions helped shape Indian art and architecture,” she said. Through her research, she was able to identify Hindu, Muslim and British influences on Indian architecture and culture.

She said the “Explore India” exhibition is designed and laid out following the “Brahmasthana,” or the energy center for the whole structure.

Based on this principle, immediately upon entering the exhibit, a small courtyard greets the visitor.

Written by Reginald Owens