Louisiana Tech will partner with the Louisiana Center for the Blind to host a science weekend camp for more than a dozen students.

The STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) camp is used to address basic concepts in physical science using hands-on experiments and activities.

‘Currently there are 13 students from the Center for the Blind and almost 30 volunteers from the College of Education who will be working with the project,’ said Lindsey Keith-Vincent, IDEA Place museum educator. ‘The students from the Center from the Blind range in school from junior high to college. We want to make this experience a rewarding and fun one for everyone involved. Not only will students learn basic concepts, they will also enjoy meeting other students from around the state while enjoying the subject of science.’

Tech and the Center partnered together last year, as well, to offer another STEM weekend camp, which centered around bridges focusing on engineering, math and science.

Keith-Vincent said the students will cover physical science material such as chemistry and physics while also experiencing a bit of the college life.

‘Last year was such a success,’ she said. ‘It seemed only right to continue such an effective partnership with the Louisiana Center for the Blind. Not only do the students from the Center for the Blind benefit from the event, the pre-service teachers from the College of Education also benefit greatly from the opportunity to gain first-hand teaching experience.’

For more information about the event, contact Keith-Vincent at (318) 257-2866.

Written by Judith Roberts