A Louisiana Tech geography professor helped coordinated the recent meeting of the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers in Granada, Nicaragua.

Dr. Taylor E. Mack, an assistant professor of geography, said because his involvement through a grant from the university, Tech was listed as one of the sponsors of the conference attended by more than 200 scholars from 11 countries.

He said the Tech logo was prominently displayed on the banner in front of the conference hotel, La Casa de Los Tres Mundos, one of the oldest buildings in Granada.
In addition to working with such logistics as registration, conference venue and field trips, Mack served as host for the opening session.

The Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers was organized in 1970 to foster geographic education and research on Latin America. Mack is on the group”s board of directors where he serves as vice chair.

Because of his role in coordinating role this event, Mack said he was interviewed about the conference by the local media including a radio station and four newspapers.

More than 80 conference papers were presented in both English and Spanish. In addition to the United States and Nicaragua, scholars from the following countries were in attendance: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Puerto Rico.

Written by Reginald Owens