As part of our ongoing commitment to serve the informational needs of our campus community and visitors, Louisiana Tech’s new website provides users with several improved visual and functional features.

This initial launch will be enhanced by additional features and functions that will be incorporated over the next few months. New features include:

  • Tech Quicklinks (upper-right of homepage): provides direct homepage access to the website’s most visited pages.
  • Google Custom Search (upper-right of homepage): improved search function that will help users to focus and target information searches.
  • Apply Now (middle-left navigation menu): button will allow prospective students to directly access admissions application.
  • BOSS, Webmail, and Blackboard Links (red navigation bar under header): direct access from homepage.
  • Calendar of Events (to the right under main image): new calendar will allow users to search for events university-wide or by department. Users will also be able to download events directly into their desktop or PDA calendars.
  • Campus Information Box (to be located at the lower-right of homepage under Athletics box): special homepage field that can be activated to provide important information to the campus community.
  • RSS (icon below the News @ Tech headlines): subscribe to receive notification of new News @ Tech articles posted to website.
  • Emergency Alert Notification (coming soon – to be located between header and main image): banner across top of homepage that can be activated to provide instant notification of a campus emergency.
  • Navigation and Aesthetic Consistency: move toward providing visitors with consistency in the design and layout of the website and the location of common links.
  • Visual Presentation: improvements in the use of imagery and design to effectively communicate with the visitor and enhance their website experience.

Louisiana Tech’s new website is best viewed using Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, or Safari 3. Screen resolution should be set at 1024 x 768 or higher.



Written by Dave Guerin