Louisiana Tech associate professor of art Marie Bukowski will be one of the featured artists in the group art exhibition “Theory of Fragments” to be presented from Feb. 9 to March 5 with a closing reception for the artists on March 4 from 5 – 7 p.m.

The exhibition will be on display at the Bry Gallery on the University of Louisiana-Monroe campus.

Camille Jungman and Andi Moran of Ruston and Lissy Sanders and Toni Lyons Parks from Monroe will join Bukowski in putting on the presentation, which will consist of displayed works ranging from powerful mixed media photography to subtle paintings of Italian landscapes. It will also feature bold, energetic painting/drawings and sublime mono-prints to a floor installation of intimate sculptural objects.

Coined by Bukowski, “Theory of Fragments” is a theory applied to mathematics, computing, linguistics and related subjects. She relates the theory – the common thread in the exhibition – to her fellow artists by saying “…these artists explore a sequence of symbols and/or imagery that lead to a definite space or environment. Though different in their approaches to making art, these artists use this type of metaphor to search for a universal language with an individualized meaning for the viewer to interpret.”

Jungman’s body of work -“Substantial Fragments” – fits well within the theory through her description of process as, “All works feature fragmented images of clothing and parts of the human body… clothing that I have worn, painted, and then cut up… body parts are images that I have cut out of magazines and then re-photographed… create(ing) marvelous and constantly shifting shadows with cloud shaped pools of soft light: a truly amorphous, dreamlike and gravity less space in which the imagery floats freely.

“The fragmented imagery takes viewers beyond the usual expectations of common things to the place where tones, textures, colors and patterns of light and dark evoke fresh perceptions.”

The Bry Gallery is free and open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon Fridays.

By T. Scott Boatright, News Bureau writer

Written by Judith Roberts