As part of Louisiana Tech’s ongoing efforts to conserve campus resources, the Office of the Registrar has announced that it will discontinue printing of the quarterly Racing Form, effective immediately.

The Racing Form will be available exclusively online at

“The cost-cutting measure will save the University about $7,000 each year and will eliminate the 20,000 leftover Racing Forms that would need to be recycled,” says University Registrar Bob Vento.

According to Vento, the “Available Course Sections” link through BOSS on the Racing Form website is the tool of preference for students and has been providing real-time data for spring and summer quarters since January 27. Registration and tuition/fee payment information is also available using the .pdf version of the Racing Form.

Students or faculty members needing a hard copy of the Racing Form are encouraged to access and print only those pages needed from the .pdf version.

Written by Dave Guerin