Louisiana Tech’s assistant professor of music, Dr. Randall Sorensen, will present a concert featuring the music of American composer Eric Ewazen at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 17 in Howard Auditorium.

Sorensen will be assisted by music faculty members, including pianist Daniel Immel, violinist Ann Sorensen and tenor Sean Teets, as well as the Northern Louisiana Trumpet Ensemble.

The concert will open with a “Sonoran Desert Harmonies,” performed by the Northern Louisiana Trumpet Ensemble. The trumpet ensemble was formed three years ago to allow adult community members, high school students and Tech students an opportunity to perform works for trumpet ensemble.

The major works to be featured on this program include Ewazen’s “Trio for Violin, Trumpet, and Piano” and his voice, trumpet, piano trio “…to cast a shadow again.”

Ewazen is on the faculty at The Juilliard in New York City and is the recipient of numerous awards and commissions for his compositions. His works for trumpet have quickly become standards among musical works.

Written by Judith Roberts