Winners in the 2009 North Louisiana District Rally qualifying for the State Rally in Baton Rouge or who won first through fifth place in a subject for which there is only district testing have been announced following competition at Louisiana Tech on Saturday, March 21.
Approximately 1,500 students from 18 parishes competed.

Testing in the 48 subjects is separated into five divisions, based on school size, said Joan Edinger, associate director of admissions at Tech and district rally director for the North Louisiana High School Rally Association. She said the number of students qualifying for State Rally is determined by the number of contestants entering the specific subject category per division.

“We are extremely proud that Louisiana Tech has the opportunity to play an important role in the future of these extraordinary young people,”Edinger said. She said Tech has been hosting the event for over 40 years. Area students who qualified for State Rally or who won first through fifth place in a subject that has only district competition (as indicated by an asterisk) are listed below by parish, school division and subject. The State Rally is scheduled for April 25.

Bienville Parish
Arcadia High School (IV) – introduction to business computer application, Courtney Robinson, 1.

Gibsland-Coleman High School — free enterprise system, Antarrian Miles, 3; Consumer Homemaking I, Mileta Booker, 3.

Bossier Parish
Airline High School (I) — geometry, Alex Rothenberger, 2; Spanish I, Asa Tindall, 1; English I, John Garrett Clawson, 1; business computer application, Josh Barrett, 2; physics, Justin Thomas, 2; Advanced Mathematics I, Matthew Fahrenkrug, 1; physical science, Ryan Lindsey, 1; English III, Sarah Payne, 2; Spanish II, Stephanie Axelson, 2; Algebra II, Trevor Youngblood, 1; Algebra I, William Allred, 1.

Haughton High School (I) — psychology, Bree Skeesick, 1; sociology, Bree Skeesick, 1; *English literature, Jordan White, 2; Biology II, Keri Kersey, 2; introduction to business computer application, Lauren Kreid, 1; accounting, Michael Newberry, 2; business computer application, Michael Newberry, 1; American history, Rhea Bumpass, 2; Biology I, Sarah Beth Jacob, 2; *spelling 10, Taylor Haynie, 2.

Caddo Parish
Fairpark High School (II) — Consumer Homemaking I, Arlisha Williams, 2; English III, De”lexis Davis, 2; French II, Delexis Davis, 1; civics, Sammie Powell, 3.

Green Oaks High School (II) — Spanish III, Pernell Allen, 1.

Woodlawn High School (II) — physical science, Khrystian Thomas, 1.

Caldwell Parish
Caldwell Parish High School — American history, Andrew Sherman, 2; chemistry, Brooke Bryant, 4; Agricultural Science II, Caelan Miller, 1; geometry, Casey Honeycutt, 4; physics, Kevin Foy, 1; introduction to business computer application, Layton Crawford, 3; free enterprise system, Savannah Steele, 3; Advanced Mathematics I, Tyler Lachney, 2; physical science, Zach Baum, 2.

Claiborne Parish
Claiborne Academy (V) — civics, Allan Taunton, 1; Advanced Mathematics II, Bonnie Slaton, 1; English I, Caroline Bourn, 4; *spelling 10, Chaise Simpson, 1; English III, Emily Chanlder, 2; physical science, Jacob Tinsley, 5; *spelling 11, Jessica Tinsley, 2; English IV, Madalene Gladney, 3; *English pronunciation, Madalene Gladney, 1; Biology I, Michaela McCowen, 6; psychology, Phillip Cole, 1; journalism, Regina Rushing, 2; world history, Regina Rushing, 4.

Haynesville High School (IV) — accounting, Alyson McCoy, 2; business/financial mathematics, Ayeshia Beene, 2; civics, Cassie Coleman, 3; physics, Forneccea Thomas, 2; world history, Hunter Bower, 2; computer science, J.T. Allen, 2; food and nutrition, Labriska Speech, 1; Spanish I, Laquita Hampton, 3; chemistry, Laquita Hampton, 2; Advanced Mathematics II, Lauren Wise, 1.

Homer High School (III) — *English literature, Afton Owens, 1; journalism, Anna Hay, 1; computer science, Colton Crumpler, 2; Advanced Mathematics II, David Westphal, 3; *English pronunciation, Emilie Hollenshead, 2; business computer application, Kayla Jones, 3; introduction to business, Shantel Shelton, 1.

Summerfield High School (V) — civics, Austin McCurry, 2; chemistry, Eric Miller, 2; American history, Eric Miller, 1; accounting, Ethan Williams, 2; business/financial mathematics, Justin Sanders, 2; introduction to business computer application, Lauryn Thomas, 1; English III, Morgan Ledbetter, 3; geometry, Zack Killgore, 4.

De Soto Parish
Logansport High School (IV) — Agricultural Science II, Brandon Wilson, 2; environmental science, Cody Tilley, 3; English III, Kara Martin, 4; Advanced Mathematics I, Kara Martin, 3; Algebra II, Lyndsey Laffitte, 4; Spanish II, Mathew Booker, 2; introduction to business, Vanessa Saleem, 2; psychology, Victoria Saleem, 1; sociology, Victoria Saleem, 2.

Mansfield High School (III) — food and nutrition, Chantal Gillyard, 2; calculus, Chris Youngblood, 1; Biology I, Deandre Booker, 2; computer science, Julia Puac, 1; English I, Logan Procell, 1; Algebra II, Logan Procell, 2; English III, Martin Adkins, 1; *spelling 11, Martin Adkins, 1; civics, Nakia Graham, 4; Spanish I, Spencietta Ashton, 3.

North De Soto High School (II) — accounting, Aaron Mouser, 2; Agricultural Science IV, Benjamin Hesser, 2; world history, Brandon Cloud, 1; physics, Christopher Wells, 2; Spanish I, Danielle Saffel, 1; Algebra I, Garrett Smith, 3; Agricultural Science II, Jacob Young, 1; Advanced Mathematics I, Matthew Welch, 3; free enterprise system, Stephanie Argueta, 3; geometry, Taylor Hermann, 3; Biology I, Taylor Hermann, 2.

Pelican All Saints High School(V) — Algebra I, Laureanna Crump, 6.

Stanley High School (V) — civics, Caitlyn Wise, 4; Agricultural Science III, Eric Foshee, 2; Agricultural Science II, Lindsay Dearman, 1; English IV, Misty Taylor, 4; Advanced Mathematics I, Misty Taylor, 4; sociology, Sarah Emory, 1.

East Carroll Parish
Briarfield Academy (V) — Algebra I, Lane Robertson, 4; Advanced Mathematics I, Nathan Brown, 1; geometry, Sara Jo Brown, 1.

Franklin Parish
Franklin Parish High School — *spelling 10, Betsy Ellerbe, 1; management of resources, Betsy Ellerbe, 1; Agricultural Science I, Brian Moroni, 2; food and nutrition, Brittany Hayden, 1; English II, Chanel Ingram, 1; Algebra II, Dani Martin, 2; American history, Devin Bass, 1; *spelling 9, Josh Strickland, 2; introduction to business, Ken Bruce, 1; *English literature, Kenny Blackson, 1; business computer application, Lesley Boyd, 2.

Jackson Parish
Jonesboro-Hodge High School — accounting, Abby Odenbaugh, 2; civics, Everett Johnson, 3; world history, Lakeidrick Wimberly, 2; business/financial mathematics, Megan Hodnett, 1; Agricultural Science III, Shawn Roncal, 2.

Quitman High School (V) — *spelling 10, Caroline Maxwell, 3; *English pronunciation, Clay Norman, 2; Agricultural Science I, Dylan Vail, 3; *spelling 9, Landon Treadway, 1; chemistry, Larkin Culpepper, 5; English IV, Lauren Dark, 2; Biology II, Lauren Dark, 3; Biology I, Mallory Horn, 2; physical science, Nick Walker, 3; free enterprise system, Olivia James, 4; human development and family relationships, Olivia James, 2; English II, Sean Tyler, 4; world history, Sean Tyler, 2; accounting, Shelby Blackstock, 1; Advanced Mathematics I, Tyler Horton, 2.

Weston High School (V) — business computer application, Chirag Patel, 2; English III, Cody Culpepper, 5; Agricultural Science I, Jesse Magee, 1; management of resources, Jordan Wyatt, 2; English II, Justin Huckaby, 3; Biology I, Justin Huckaby, 3; Agricultural Science II, Michael Savage, 3; physics, Toby Pardue, 3.

La Salle Parish
Jena High School (III) — Agricultural Science I, Alana Joy, 2; Spanish I, Alanna Hailey, 2; human development and family relationships, Brandi Falcon, 1; Agricultural Science III, Caleb Francis, 1; chemistry, Caleb Francis, 1; English II, Carli Smith, 1; *spelling 10, Cassie Dixon, 2; psychology, Courtney Welch, 1; management of resources, Haley Lincecum, 2; food and nutrition, John Chapman, 3; world geography, Kade Wilson, 2; Spanish II, Kelton Hays, 3; American history, Landon Stevens, 3; geometry, Lexi Enterkin, 2; *spelling 9, Paige Robinson, 3; Consumer Homemaking I, Tanya Starnes, 1.

Lincoln Parish
Bethel Christian School (V) — business/financial mathematics, Danny Hinton, 3; Spanish II, Hannah Eppinette, 2; *spelling 11, Jacob Cain, 1; Algebra II, Lydia Eppinette, 3; English II, Ryan Walters, 1.

Cedar Creek School (IV) — Algebra II, Addie Barron, 3; chemistry, Andrew McGehee, 1; Algebra I, Art Leangsuksun, 1; civics, Boyang Piao, 1; Biology I, Chloe Kaczvinsky, 1; French II, Clayton Avery, 2; English III, Dana Bennett, 2; calculus, Drew Antony, 1; French I, Emily Cox, 1; physical science, John McCallum, 1; geometry, Justine Ker, 1; *spelling 11, Kelly Humphries, 1; Advanced Mathematics II, Kramer Allen, 2; journalism, Lauren Yepson, 2; *English literature, Lily Grappe, 1; sociology, Mallory Cox, 1; free enterprise system, Matt Moss, 2; English II, Natalia Gomez, 2; American history, Robby Earle, 4; English I, Saraf Ahmed, 2; Biology II, Trey Carpenter, 1; English IV, Vikas Gullapalli, 2; physics, Vladik Voziyanov, 1; Spanish II, Zach Johnston, 1.

Choudrant High School (IV) — American history, Adam McKithern, 3; Algebra II, Carly Sproule, 1; physics, Casey Quarles, 3; Agricultural Science III, Chelsy Lewis, 2; world history, Darryl Mixon, 1; English IV, George Patrick Boyd, 3; journalism, George Patrick Boyd, 1; Spanish I, Hannah Monk, 2; Biology II, Howard Morgan, 2; free enterprise system, Jessica Evans, 3; civics, Jessica Evans, 2; Agricultural Science I, Katie Hogan, 1; Algebra I, Katie Hogan, 2; Agricultural Science IV, Kelsey Mardis, 1; *English pronunciation, Kelsey Mardis, 1; introduction to business, Lauren Sandoz, 1; Biology I, Leslie Brister, 2; accounting, Leslie Thompson, 1; food and nutrition, Rachel Defreese, 2; business/financial mathematics, Rachel Defreese, 1; physical science, Staci Nicole Allred, 2.

Dubach High School (IV) — English II, Alex Theodus, 3; busines computer application, Codi Allen, 1; Advanced Mathematics I, Jodi Hardy, 2; *spelling 10, Savannah Tyler, 2.

Grambling University Laboratory School — calculus, Akaya Andrews, 2.

Ruston High School (I) — business/financial mathematics, Aaron Wright, 2; Consumer Homemaking I, Allison Williams, 1; psychology, Amanda Pipes, 2; Spanish II, Anna Ward, 1; sociology, Ashleigh Anderson, 2; introduction to business, Christian Amos, 1; English II, Dinah Diaz, 2; French I, Elizabeth Sawyer, 2; Spanish I, Hannah Rose McIntire, 2; Agricultural Science IV, Holden Rose, 1; Agricultural Science I, Hunter Hathorn, 1; *English literature, Jacob Guinn, 1; human development and family relationships, Jonis Honeycutt, 1; Advanced Mathematics I, Judy Ho, 2; *spelling 11, Kaleigh Carroll, 1; physical science, Kane Killen, 2; *spelling 9, Kori Teague, 1; food and nutrition, Lauren Hearn, 1; chemistry, Linda Cross, 2; Algebra I, Neesha Siriwardane, 2; world geography, Reed Malek, 1; civics, Ross Hammons, 2; English IV, Samantha Rich, 1; Agricultural Science II, Savannah Best, 1; computer science, Sebastian Swearengin, 2; accounting, Shane Rich, 1; world history, T.l. Oakley, 1; journalism, Tiffany Craft, 1; Advanced Mathematics II, Trisha Smith, 2.

Simsboro High School (V) — American history, Christopher Alderson, 4; computer science, Justin Dooley, 1; Biology II, Justin Dooley, 2; civics, Kelly Godwin, 5; English IV, Olaolu Ogunyemi, 5; bus computer application, Ruthenia Woodard, 4; Biology I, Travis Smith, 1.

Madison Parish
Tallulah Academy (V) — English III, Ashton Machen, 1; physical science, Cameron Machen, 4; psychology, Caroline Windham, 2; world history, Chelsea Keene, 1; accounting, Moriah Fabre, 3; English I, Robert Keith Grady, 2; Algebra I, Robert Keith Grady, 1.

Morehouse Parish
Bastrop High School (II) – human development and family relationships, Barnell Anderson, 2; chemistry, Baylie Churchwell, 3; English I, Caitlyn Dew, 2; Spanish III, Ercia Hill, 2; Algebra I, Hannah Shipley, 2; American history, Heather Duncan, 3; Spanish II, Kari Payton, 1; French I, Laci Mattice, 1; English III, Randon New, 3; introduction to business computer application, Taylor Vancoevering, 1; Biology I, Tyler Scarborough, 1; calculus, Yan Jiang, 2; physics, Zach Moore, 3.

Prairie View Academy (V) — Agricultural Science II, Alan Haynes, 2; Agricultural Science III, Jake Ikerd, 3; English I, Kristin Kindrix, 6; English II, Landon Caldwell, 6; Spanish III, Sara Smith, 1; Consumer Homemaking I, Stephanie Bader, 1; American history, Trapper Munn, 5.

Ouachita Parish
Neville High School (II) — psychology, Ben Blanchard, 2; American history, Brian Shelton, 2; Advanced Mathematics I, Daniel Coenen, 1; English II, Deandrea Harris, 3; Biology II, Demarcus Jacobs, 1; free enterprise system, Elliott Moore, 1; Spanish II, Jasmine Ledet, 2; chemistry, Joseph Rollins, 2; geometry, Josie Cormier, 2; Biology I, Madelyn Snead, 3; human development and family relationships, Marielle Williams, 3; English III, Rachel Jackson, 1; English I, Samantha Evans, 3; English IV, Simon Hill, 3.

Ouachita Christian School (III) — English I, Avery Bromley, 2; American history, Barlow Holley, 1; Algebra II, Billy Morvant, 1; Algebra I, Brian Halsell, 1; *English pronunciation, Caroline Anders, 1; civics, Cassie Clark, 1; French II, Dustin Diffenderfer, 1; world history, J.T. McJunkins, 1; Spanish II, Janna Carroll, 1; calculus, Jim Boothe, 2; French I, Madison McDonald, 1; *English literature, Morgan Anthony, 2; Advanced Mathematics II, Piyush Prem, 1; geometry, Sushant Prem, 1; *spelling 10, Thomas Kay, 3; English IV, Tim Ernst, 3; English III, Winson Wang, 3.

Ouachita Jr. High School (V) — Algebra I, Ashton Garner, 2.

Ouachita Parish High School — free enterprise system, Daniel Cordova, 2; introduction to business computer application, Devin Johnson, 2; calculus, Jackson Knott, 2; physics, Jonathan Mathieu, 1; French II, Lakia Burrell, 1; French I, Morgan Hargrove, 1; chemistry, Shelby Wright, 1.

River Oaks School (V) — Spanish I, Aaron Rogers, 2; Biology II, Charlotte Metzger, 1; Spanish II, Hannah Rugg, 1; *English literature, Jacob Waalk, 1; American history, Johnny Saye, 6; French II, Laura Wilkes, 2; English IV, Maira Qayyum, 1; Advanced Mathematics II, Miriam Henry, 2; chemistry, Philip Raeisghasem, 1; Algebra II, Rachel Hearn, 4; geometry, Ryan Thurmon, 2; Biology I, Ryan Macgregor, 4; Spanish III, Seth Lawrence, 2; physics, T.J. Spence, 1.

St. Frederick High School (I) — English I, Brandon Breard, 1; American history, Caroline Cole, 2; geometry, Chase Wilson, 2; English III, Natalie Domingue, 1.

Sterlington High School (III) — *spelling 11, Alexus Angrum, 3; accounting, Andrew Tan, 1; *spelling 9, Andrew Tan, 1; civics, Ashley Magee, 2; Advanced Mathematics I, Austin Rinehart, 3; physical science, Ayush Narayan, 1; psychology, Cara Dees, 2; English II, Caroline Rogers, 2; Algebra I, Catherine Buchan, 3; *English literature, Cody McLeland, 3; English IV, Daniel Halley, 1; physics, Devon Lortz, 2; Biology II, Emily Lara, 2; Advanced Mathematics II, Jacob York, 2; free enterprise system, Jonathan King, 2; introduction to business computer applications, Katie York, 1; English III, Salam Sheikh-Khalil, 2; Consumer Homemaking I, Stephanie Corona, 2.

West Monroe High School (I) – business/financial mathematics, A.J. Garsee, 1; *spelling 9, Abbey Barton, 2; environmental science, Alexander Christian, 1; geometry, Anne Muckleroy, 1; management of resources, April Allen, 1; Algebra II, Bryan Ponsell, 2; English IV, Colton Walker, 2; civics, Colton Cranford, 1; *spelling 11, Degeorgniqua Hogg, 2; food and nutrition, Devin Stasny, 2; calculus, Emily Cox, 1; English II, Emily Traylor, 1; computer science, Griffin Ellis, 1; French II, Iris Tuttle, 2; American history, Jessica Walters, 1; English III, Joan Perez, 1; Spanish III, Josh Riggs, 1; Advanced Mathematics II, Lacy Brooks, 1; Biology I, Maggie Sylvester, 1; Consumer Homemaking I, Molli Crain, 2; Biology II, Moustafa El-Sayed, 1; English I, Summer Risinger, 2; *spelling 10, Taylor Nelson, 1; world geography, Tyler Aulds, 2; free enterprise system, Zach Lee, 1.

West Ouachita School (II) — world history, Ariel Eisler, 2; Agricultural Science II, Bethany Hundley, 2; world geography, Blaine Armstrong, 1; physical science, Brooke Taylor, 2; human development and family relationships, Caitlin Keaster, 1; *English pronunciation, Caleb Pool, 1; chemistry, Cody Fordham, 1; calculus, Emilee Lenard, 1; *English literature, Evan Wollerson, 2; environmental science, Jake Russell, 2; Consumer Homemaking I, Jessica Wyrick, 1; French I, Jordan O”Briant, 2; Biology II, Juliann Allen, 2; geometry, Kentrell Owens, 1; English IV, Kristie Butler, 2; Agricultural Science I, Kyle Temple, 1; Advanced Mathematics II, Lauren Africa, 1; sociology, Mallarie Phillips, 2; Algebra II, Malynda Tyson, 1; business/financial mathematics, Meagan Hill, 2; Advanced Mathematics I, Samantha Hill, 2; management of resources, Savannah Jones, 2; physics, Shirley Owens, 1; Spanish I, Victoria Nowell, 3.

Wossman High School (II) — *spelling 9, Bria Savage, 1; *spelling 11, Chris Jones, 1; introduction to business computer applications, John Flunder, 2; civics, Keondria Buie, 2; Algebra II, Kevin Davis, 3; English II, Terranisha Hiley, 2; environmental science, Tony Butler, 1; food and nutrition, Whitney Smith, 2.

Richland Parish
Delhi Charter School (V) — Algebra I, Alyssa Williams, 3; chemistry, Amanda Scott, 3; *English pronunciation, George Lester Cruse, 3; Biology I, Logan Britton, 5; Algebra II, Samantha Tate, 2; Spanish I, Sarah Gibson, 3.

Delhi High School (IV) – introduction to business computer application, Lee Gray, 2.

Mangham High School (IV) — *spelling 9, Allena Wiggers, 1; French I, Ashley Cielakta, 2; English IV, Clarence Prewitt, 1; physical science, Decordie Riley, 3; French II, Elea Hunter, 1; English I, Emily Johnson, 3; world geography, Emily Johnson, 1; chemistry, Jacob Romero, 3; Biology I, Morgan Todd, 3; environmental science, Russell Dear, 1.

Rayville High School (III) — chemistry, Bryant Silk, 3; *spelling 9, Caleb Dillard, 2; Algebra II, Dustin Templeton, 3; geometry, Gail Wilson, 3; free enterprise system, Jacob Hable, 1; Algebra I, Jacob Stokes, 2; physical science, Jacob Stokes, 3; Agricultural Science I, John Copes, 1; English IV, Kristen Purcell, 2; Consumer Homemaking I, Marlena Sullivan, 3; world geography, Marlena Sullivan, 3; English I, Melissa Freeland, 4; environmental science, Nicole Bromley, 2; world history, Stormi Adcox, 3; accounting, T”era Jones, 3; food and nutrition, Tonyel Banks, 1; *spelling 11, Tyler Stanley, 2; Agricultural Science II, Will Romero, 2; English II, Xavier Tennant, 3; *spelling 10, Xavier Tennant, 1.

Riverfield Academy (V) — calculus, Alex Malmay, 2; Spanish I, Amanda Averitt, 4; English I, Erin Noble, 1; Algebra I, Erin Noble, 5; English III, Gabrielle Gandy, 4; physics, Gabrielle Gandy, 2; world history, Joseph Bell, 3; free enterprise system, Katee Fairchild, 1; *spelling 9, Lyndsey Englerth, 3; computer science, Marigrace Morris, 2; chemistry, Patrick Johnson, 4; Advanced Mathematics I, Peyton Morris, 3.

Union Parish
Bernice High School (V) — human development and family relationships, Diwanitra Hill, 3; business/financial mathematics, Diwanitra Hill, 4.

Downsville High School (V) — food and nutrition, Jordan Aswell, 3; Introduction to business computer application, Katie Whitehead, 4; Consumer Homemaking I, Lesly Banks, 2; *spelling 9, Reginald Foster, 4.

Farmerville High School (III) — Biology I, Connor Evans, 3; Biology II, Damien Chatman, 3; Advanced Mathematics I, Elton Taylor, 1; human development and family relationships, Lacy Tipton, 2; introduction to business computer application, Megan Cunningham, 2; physics, Richard Royal, 3.

Webster Parish
Cotton Valley High School (V) — introduction to business, Amber Allison, 1; environmental science, Zeth Dyck, 1.

Doyline High School (V) — English II, Cherie Bonner, 5; physical science, Craig Rice, 2; French I, Zachary Spurgin, 1; geometry, Zachary Spurgin, 5.

Glenbrook School (V) — free enterprise system, Brandon Ratcliff, 2; world geography, Dylan Edwards, 1; geometry, Jack Parks, 3; journalism, Jordan Ruple, 1; management of resources, Josh Stahl, 1; civics, Kate Tracy, 3; calculus, Kelsey Hunter, 1; food and nutrition, Lauren Williams, 1; *spelling 10, Levi Reagan, 2; Algebra II, Levi Reagan, 1; sociology, Madison Moorehead, 2; *spelling 11, Preston Wise, 3; American history, Preston Wise, 2; English II, Sarah McCann, 2; *spelling 9, Taryn Eason, 2; *English literature, Travis Campbell, 2; Agricultural Science IV, Tyler Pearce, 3; environmental science, Whitney Wise, 2.

Lakeside High School (III) – business/financial mathematics, Brandon Bookston, 2; Biology II, Cody Killian, 1; English I, Jamie Smith, 3; world geography, Jamie Smith, 1; management of resources, Lauren Green, 1; French I, Maria Sototorres, 2; business computer application, Paul Donaubauer, 2; French II, Tiffany Soto, 2.

Minden High School (II) — accounting, Aubrey Williams, 1; English IV, Brandy White, 1; civics, Breana Brewster, 1; business computer application, Brittni Hicks, 1; psychology, Cady Pruitt, 1; introduction to business computer application, Christopher Thomson, 3; Agricultural Science III, Colton Herren, 1; English I, Courtney Pullig, 1; Advanced Mathematics II, Daniel Hutto, 2; *spelling 10, Destiney Kinsey, 2; world geography, Devin Woodard, 2; journalism, Holly Basinger, 1; Agricultural Science IV, Igo Peyton, 1; Spanish I, Jade Thornton, 2; introduction to business, Jason Warren, 2; free enterprise system, John Baldwin, 2; sociology, Josh McCormick, 1; Algebra I, Joshua Bordelon, 1; French II, Kakayla Golden, 2; *English pronunciation, Leah Stevens, 2; *spelling 11, Mallory Stephens, 2; business/financial mathematics, P.J. Taylor, 1; Spanish II, Shawanda Guy, 3.

Sarepta High School (V) — human development and family relationships, Ashley Noel, 1; English I, Blake Waldron, 5; introduction to business computer application, Brittany Noel, 2; business computer application, Emily McGuffey, 3; French II, Hailey Dyer, 1; physical science, Jake Shows, 1; Agricultural Science IV, Justin Manshack, 2; world geography, Justin Manshack, 2; management of resources, Kaitlyn Matlock, 3; French I, Melanie Slack, 2; food and nutrition, Shelby Bolling, 2.

Shongaloo High School (V) — world geography, James Sapp, 3; environmental science, Jared Martin, 3.

Springhill High School (III) — Spanish I, Amanda Thurman, 1; Biology I, Elizabeth Johnson, 1; environmental science, Emma Barnard, 1; chemistry, Ethan Maxwell, 2; Spanish II, Kelly Hall, 2; business computer application, Myria Frazier, 1.

West Carroll Parish
Epps High School (V) — Agricultural Science III, Cameron Seamans, 1; business computer application, Christina Bailey, 1; American history, Cody McPherson, 3; Agricultural Science I, Hunter Brock, 2; world geography, Hunter Brock, 4; introduction to business, Joni Lingefelt, 2; Algebra II, Melanie Koppie, 5; Spanish II, Tabitha Reed, 3.

Forest High School (IV) — *spelling 9, Ashley Hale, 2; management of resources, Ben Bennett, 1; Consumer Homemaking I, Candy Clark, 2; environmental science, Charles Dupree, 2; *spelling 10, Chelsea Grimes, 1; *English pronunciation, Christopher Ruffin, 2; Advanced Mathematics I, Holden Smith, 1; English III, Jamie Compton, 3; *spelling 11, Jamie Compton, 2; Spanish I, Lacey Patrick, 1; free enterprise system, Maria Villacorta, 1; computer science, Nathan Costello, 1; geometry, Seth Strong, 3; American history, Seth Strong, 1; human development and family relationships, Sha Auston, 1; world geography, Tyler Hughes, 3.

Kilbourne High School (V) — Agricultural Science IV, Gunnar Hocking, 1; business/financial mathematics, James Popejoy, 1; English I, Lauren Eubanks, 3; introduction to business computer application, Rachel Fowler, 3; Spanish I, Tony Cook, 1.

Oak Grove High School (IV) — world geography, Angelic Dye, 2; Agricultural Science I, Austin Hill, 2; business computer application, Brittany Kuethe, 3; Consumer Homemaking I, Erin Owen, 1; introduction to business computer application, Jaclyn Perry, 2; Agricultural Science II, James Garrett Boyte, 1; Spanish II, Jamie Robinson, 3; management of resources, Kayla Daniels, 2; human development and family relationships, Kaylee Russell, 2; *English literature, Kelly Sarotte, 2; English II, Kirsti Plunkett, 1; Algebra II, Kirsti Plunkett, 2; Algebra I, Olivia Dixon, 3; Agricultural Science III, Patrick Roberson, 1.

Written by Reggie Owens