Chemistry professor to be featured at National Science Teachers Association meeting

Mar 25, 2009 | General News

Dr. William C. Deese, the T.W. Ray Johnson Professor of Chemistry at Louisiana Tech University, was a featured speaker at the National Meeting of the National Science Teachers Association held on March 20th in New Orleans.

Other featured speakers included Bill Nye, the popular television host who has been dubbed ‘The Science Guy’ and astrophysicist Neil deGrase Tyson, host of the Public Television series, NOVA scienceNow .

Deese’ presentation was entitled, “The Dead Chemists’ Society Presents: It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!” The presentation told the story of the discovery of several gases and demonstrate many of their properties. This unique program addressed the history and nature of science with biographical sketches and made connections between the nano-scale world and observable world through performance art.

William Deese began his professional career at Louisiana Tech in the Fall of 1981. Since 1989, he has directed over 20 externally-funded professional development programs for science teachers. He has also presented dozens of demonstration programs at science conventions throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The title of this featured presentation derives from the Robin Williams’ movie Dead Poets’ Society.

Written by Catherine Fraser