Photography faculty at Tech capture organization’s attention

Apr 22, 2009 | General News

Louisiana Tech assistant professor of photography Jes Schrom has been elected secretary for the south central region of the Society for Photographic Education.

The election was held recently during SPE’s national conference held in Dallas. Schrom presented a brief stump speech, saying that she is new to the area and believes holding a position in SPE will allow her to get to know and work with the other photographers in the region.

“This is another example of Jes serving an integral part of our photography program here at Tech and our photography community in the region,” Frank Hamrick, Louisiana Tech’s photography area coordinator, said. “Joy Christiansen Erb, one of our former Tech professors, held the secretary position when she was here last year. So it is great that Jes ran for and won the office so Tech can continue to have a strong presence in the region.”

Schrom has already made an impact by reviewing student work at the national conference, which is one way Tech can recruit potential graduate students. She will also author the regional newsletter.

“My position as secretary and editor of the newsletter serves as a two-way street for Tech’s photography program and our students,” Schrom said. “This gives us a strong presence, which allows us to promote our abilities and achievements. It will also keep our students and program connected to a larger community.”

Schrom isn’t the only person from Tech helping benefit the SPE.

Assistant professor of photography Jay Gould has been named as the Webmaster for the regional Web site. His appointment opens another avenue allowing Tech to promote its program and ensure its students are up to date on available opportunities.

Both Gould and Hamrick also served as student portfolio reviewers at the national conference and said they were keeping an eye out for students to recruit for the graduate program at Tech’s School of Art.

Tech had eleven students attend the national conference. Three of those students, Andy Bloxham, Ashley Matthews and Lauren Quinn Ward, won scholarships from SPE to pay for their attendance to the national conference.

Written by T. Scott Boatright