Center for Secure Cyberspace to host 2nd Cyber Research Workshop

Jun 3, 2009 | General News

The Center for Secure Cyberspace (CSC), a collaborative effort of Louisiana Tech and Louisiana State Universities, will host the 2nd Annual Cyberspace Research Workshop on Monday, June 15, 2009 at the Shreveport Convention Center.

The theme of the workshop, held in conjunction with the 2009 Air Force Cyberspace Symposium (AFCS), is “Cyber Security in the 21st Century.” It will serve as a venue for discussing emerging technologies, sharing ideas and creating opportunities for researchers and practitioners in various areas of cyber security and operations.

“This workshop provides a unique venue to discuss foundational innovations that will shape the course of the connected world in 21st century,” says Dr. Vir Phoha, professor of computer science at Louisiana Tech and principle investigator for the CSC.

“Convergence of researchers from universities and industry, users of technology from civilian and military, and developers from small and large industry provide one-of-a-kind gathering with profound implications for state-of the-art research and applications in cyberspace security.”

According to the CSC, cyberspace is a medium that is rampant with attackers. Due to the largely reactive mindset that governs many strategies designed to deal with the onslaught of attacks, governments and large organizations often find themselves in a defensive position compelled to play “catch up.”

Primary discussions at the workshop will center around strategic cyber defense, global cyber situational understanding, sensor placement, hardware and software anti-tamper, the psychology of cyber security, and malware and anti-malware technologies.

For more information on the Cyber Research Workshop or the CSC, please contact Ms. Brenda Brooks at (318) 257-3475 or at, or visit the CSC website at

The CSC was established as a national center of excellence dedicated to education and research in integrated smart cyber-centric sensor surveillance systems. The CSC is supported by strong commercialization infrastructures at Louisiana Tech and LSU that help to commercialize technologies and establish services supporting secure cyber operations in the military and the private sector.

Written by Dave Guerin