‘Tech After 55’ offers discounts for on-campus, online classes

Jul 22, 2009 | General News

Louisiana Tech University has launched Tech After 55, a tuition/fee waiver program designed to offer students that are 55 years of age and older deep discounts on select classroom and online classes.

This waiver can be applied to one course per quarter, except during the summer quarter where it may be used for one course each session. Online classes may be subject to an additional delivery fee of $20.00 per credit hour.

“Lifelong learning is a concept that Louisiana Tech University embraces wholeheartedly and we hope this program further demonstrates our commitment to public service,” says Mrs. Pamela Ford, dean of enrollment management and marketing and public relations at Louisiana Tech.

A Tech After 55 student could receive a discount of nearly 95% on a single three-credit hour classroom-based course. Course tuition is waived with technology, energy surcharge, and other administrative fees receiving significant discounts.

Select undergraduate and graduate courses are eligible for the Tech After 55 discount as well as the Senior Adult Fitness class. Course availability, tuition, and fees are subject to change.

“We are excited about bringing the wisdom that our over 55 students possess to the classroom,” adds Ford. “Faculty members often comment on how these students enrich the classroom experience for all.”

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Written by Dave Guerin