Louisiana Tech associate dean elected to board

Aug 18, 2009 | General News

Dr. Jenna P. Carpenter, associate dean for the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech, has been elected to the Board of Directors for the American Society for Engineering Education. Carpenter is serving a two-year term, starting in 2009, as the Chair for Professional Interest Council III. Professional Interest Council III represents 12 interest groups within ASEE, including engineering and public policy, first-year engineering programs, mathematics, mechanics, engineering design graphics, instrumentation, and information systems.

Carpenter, an active member of ASEE since 1999, is associate dean for administration and strategic initiatives, and Wayne and Juanita Spink Professor of Mathematics. She has held a number of offices within ASEE, including both the division chair and program chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Division (ECE) and the Mathematics Division, as well as a director for the Educational Research Methods (ERM) division.

She has also served as chair and ERM representative on the Benjamin J. Dasher Award Committee and as a member of the ECE Division’s Van Valkenburg Early Career Teaching Award Committee. She received the 2006 ASEE Mathematics Division Distinguished Educator and Service Award in recognition for her work with that division. Carpenter is also serving her second term on the Board of Directors of the Women in Engineering ProActive Network.

The American Society for Engineering Education is a nonprofit organization started in 1893 and dedicated to excellence in engineering and engineering technology education. A worldwide leader, ASEE also focuses on issues related to recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students to study engineering and engineering technology, as well as both policies and programs that promote engineering from the K-12 level to professional development for engineering and technology faculty.

Written by Catherine Fraser