Orion Marine Group renews partnership with Louisiana Tech

Sep 16, 2009 | General News

Orion Marine Group has renewed its partnership with the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University. The college’s Industrial Partners Program promotes and encourages industry and academic cooperation in the areas of engineering and science.

Orion Marine Group, whose headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, is a leading U.S. civil marine construction company and is currently working on projects along the Louisiana, Texas and Florida Gulf Coast as well as several islands in the Carribean.

Mike Pearson, President and Chief Operation Officer of Orion, is pleased to renew the collaboration. “I look forward to continuing as an Industrial Partner with Louisiana Tech’s College of Engineering and Science. Tech’s engineering and construction management curriculums continue to produce graduates that are well prepared to enter our construction industry.”


Louisiana Tech’s College of Engineering and Science is a nationally recognized leader in educational innovation whose goal is to become “the best college in the world at integrating engineering and science in education and research.” The College of Engineering and Science is one of twelve universities nation-wide to become affiliated with the Center for Advancement on Scholarship in Engineering Education (CASEE), a unit of the National Academy of Engineering.



Written by Catherine Fraser