Tech history professor lectures in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala

Sep 21, 2009 | General News

Tech history professor Dr. Stephen Webre spent his summer doing speaking engagements in Mexico and Central America.

Webre was one of more than 3,000 researchers to present at the 53rd International Congress of Americanists, which was held in Mexico City in July. His paper was titled, “Incidents and Personalities of the Struggle for Territorial Control: the Central American Frontier in the Seventeenth Century.”

Following the conference Webre traveled to Guatemala and presented public lectures at the Guatemalan Academy of Geography and History and the University of the Valley of Guatemala. In late August Webre visited San Jose, Costa Rica, where he taught a short doctoral course at the University of Costa Rica. He also participated as a panelist and featured speaker at a symposium on colonial history co-sponsored by the university and the Central American Institute of Historical Research.

Webre, a specialist in Latin American history, has been a member of the Tech faculty since 1982 and chair of the history department since 1988. He has previously written two books and numerous scholarly journal articles. Webre is the former president of the Southwest Historical Association and former president and current fellow of the Louisiana Historical Association. He serves as contributing editor for Central American history of the Handbook of Latin American Studies, a serial publication of the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress. In 2004, Webre was inducted as a corresponding member of the Guatemalan Academy of Geography and History.



Written by Beth Christian