School of Performing Arts director to be at book signing

Nov 13, 2009 | General News

Kenneth Robbins, director of Louisiana Tech’s School of Performing Arts, has been invited to a book signing at artspace in Shreveport.

The book signing, which includes other Louisiana authors such as Dean Dablow, emeritus faculty member from Tech’s School of Art, will start at 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14.

The Triumph over Tragedy Exhibition opened at artspace on Nov. 6, and this book signing is part of the programming for the exhibition. The Triumph over Tragedy project was created to start a collaborative arts and cultural delivery system to ensure access to the high quality programs offered by artists and arts organizations in North Louisiana.

Robbins is the Toni Morrison award-winning author of “The Baptism of Howie Cobb,” a story based on the experiences of a teenager who serves in the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935 and seeks adventure in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Written by Judith Roberts