Tech history assistant professor named to editorship

Nov 18, 2009 | General News

A Louisiana Tech assistant professor of history has been appointed associate executive editor of the scholarly journal Minerva Journal of Women and War.

Laurie S. Stoff, who has been a member of the Tech faculty since 2006, is a graduate of George Washington University. She received the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in history at the University of Kansas. Stoff teaches courses in world history, Russian and East European history, women’s and gender history, and gender studies.

Founded in 1983, the Minerva Journal of Women and War is the official publication of the Minerva Society of Women and War. Minerva publishes scholarly research articles that examine the roles of women in war and the ways that armed conflict affects women’s lives.

Women’s experiences in warfare is examined from the viewpoint of military history, but also from a wide range of disciplinary approaches, including politics and international relations, sociology, anthropology, women’s studies, war and peace studies, and cultural studies.

Written by Judith Roberts