School of Performing Arts hosts Louisiana Music Commission's '2010 Year of the Song'

Jan 7, 2010 | General News

Louisiana Tech University’s School of Performing Arts is presenting the Louisiana Music Commission’s inaugural event for “2010 Year of the Song” on January 14 at 7 p.m. at the Dixie Center for the Arts in Ruston.

The premier celebration kicks-off a year of statewide events in honor of and support for Louisiana’s songwriters who have contributed to the world music scene since the invention of the phonograph.

In addition to generating historical awareness of Louisiana’s songwriting tradition, “2010 Year of the Song” also aims to educate Louisiana Tech students and share information about the music industry.

“Louisiana’s music has been a model and standard for the rest of the world,” said Ken Robbins, director of Louisiana Tech’s School of Performing Arts. “It is essential that our students understand not only the reality that such a thought provides, but the music itself that allows us to grow and continue the tradition of the song into the future.”

“I am appreciative of the fact that our governor has declared this to be ‘Year of the Song’ as we continue Louisiana’s heritage and participate in its health and prosperity.”

The legendary Louisiana Hayride will host the Dixie Center event to support the formation of The Songwriters Academy of Louisiana, a non-profit corporation with a mission of promoting songwriters, their craft, and their function as the foundation of the music industry within Louisiana.

Beginning in 1948, the Louisiana Hayride broadcast every Saturday night from Shreveport to all parts west of the Mississippi. Hosted by Horace “Hoss” Logan, the Hayride gave rise to stars such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams Sr., and George Jones.

“Louisiana has always been the foundation of what is known as ‘American music’ throughout the world,” said songwriter and producer Alan Brockman. “Without jazz, there’d be no blues. Without blues, there’d be no country. Without country/blues, there’d be no rock-n-roll.”

“Louisiana is the basis of what makes America authentic- a melting pot of cultures brought together by one common denominator – MUSIC!!”

In addition to roots Americana music, “2010 Year of the Song” will also highlight the southern Louisiana sounds of Jazz & Blues in New Orleans, Cajun-Zydeco in Lafayette, and R & B in Baton Rouge.

“2010 Year of the Song” will culminate in New Orleans in November with a songwriters festival and awards show to establish the Louisiana Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Tickets for the January 14 event are on sale at locations in Ruston and Monroe with discounts provided to Louisiana Tech students. For more information or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact Mr. Alan Brockman at 318-388-2341 or



Written by Dave Guerin