Tech releases High School Rally results

Mar 22, 2010 | General News

Winners in the 2010 North Louisiana District Rally qualifying for the State Rally in Baton Rouge or who won first through fifth place in a subject for which there is only district testing have been announced following competition at Louisiana Tech on Saturday, March 20.
Approximately 1,500 students from 18 North Louisiana parishes competed. Schools also compete for the sweepstakes award in each division.
Testing in the 48 subjects is separated into five divisions, based on school size, said Joan Edinger, associate director of admissions at Tech and district rally director for the North Louisiana High School Rally Association.
“We are extremely proud that Louisiana Tech has the opportunity to play an important role in the future of these extraordinary young people,” Edinger said. She said Tech has been hosting the event for nearly 50 years.
Edinger said area students who qualified for State Rally or who won first through fifth place in a subject that has only district competition (as indicated by an asterisk) are listed below by parish, school division and subject. The State Rally is scheduled for April 17.
“We are also grateful to our dedicated faculty members who give their time and effort to proctor the testing sessions,” she said. “This competition helps the students to develop academically and personally. It gives them and their families something to be proud of.”
Bienville Parish
Gibsland-Coleman High School (V) — world geography, Dennis Tubbs, 4; American history, Lateranie Walker, 4; environmental science, Vandaless Bush, 3.
Bossier Parish
Airline High School (I) — Algebra II, Alex Rothernberger, 1; French II, Brittany Miller, 2; world history, Bryan Platz, 1; physical science, Chase Courville, 1; English II, Emily Toddy, 3; algebra I, Hyein Jeong, 1; geometry, Kishan Patel, 2; advanced math I, Lara Crawford, 1; food and nutrition, Rachel McGee, 2; calculus, Ronni Hammad, 1; English IV, Sarah Payne, 1.
Haughton High School (I) — sociology, Ashton Childs, 1; psychology, Chelsea Hoskins, 1; Spanish I, Emily Sherman, 2; physical science, Ethan Sullivan, 2; business/financial mathematics, Garrett Sutton, 2; biology II, Hannah Burson, 1; food and nutrition, Jerry Doxey, 1; English I, Morgan Smith, 2; English III, Taylor Haynie, 2.
Caddo Parish
Fairpark High School (II) — business computer application, Briashi Nicholson, 1; human development and family relationships, Olivia Spencer, 2; French I, Rosheka Young, 3.
Woodlawn High School (II) — French II, Cartez Parker, 1; introduction to business computer application, Mashica Pennywell, 1.
Caldwell Parish
Caldwell Parish High School (III) — physics, Aaron Jordan, 1; Spanish I, Amber Graham, 2; agricultural science III, Caelan Miller, 1; business computer application, Casey Honeycutt, 1; algebra II, Casy Honeycutt, 3; world history, Cody McElroy, 1; chemistry, Holden Volentine, 2; agricultural science II, Jacob Womack, 1; Spanish II, Savannah Steele, 3.
Claiborne Parish
Athens High School (V) — business/financial mathematics, Shavon Lewis, 3.
Claiborne Academy (V) — English III, Abigail Bass, 5; physical science, Alexandra Taunton, 4; world history, Allan Taunton, 1; English II, Caroline Bourn, 2; environmental science, Claude Ware, 2; physics, Cooper Suggs, 2; English IV, Emily Chandler, 1; biology I, Jacob Tinsley, 2; journalism, Jason Tuggle, 1; advanced mathematics II, Jason Tuggle, 1; English I, Kameron Simpson, 1; French II, Kathleen Clark, 2; psychology, Shea Reeder, 2; Algebra II, Taylor Tuggle, 3.
Haynesville High School (IV) — food and nutrition, Beniesha Manning, 1; physics, Lance Reeves, 3; Spanish II, Laquita Hampton, 3; introduction to business computer application, Maryanne Gray, 1.
Homer High School (III) — business/financial mathematics, Jazmine Norton, 1; advanced math I, Junyi Zhou, 1; food and nutrition, Laurabeth Dean, 2; journalism, Vickie Fong, 2.
Summerfield High School (V) — accounting, Morgan Ledbetter, 2; English IV, Morgan Ledbetter, 3.
De Soto Parish
Logansport High School (IV) — world history, Cody Tilley, 3; biology II, Jessica Mosley, 2; English IV, Kara Martin, 4; psychology, Kara Martin, 1.
Mansfield High School (III) — Spanish III, Blake Murray, 1; agricultural science I, Brandon Kent, 1; American history, Deandre Booker, 3; geometry, Joshua Huff, 4; computer science, Julia Puac, 1; advanced math I, Logan Procell, 2; algebra I, Markia Bryant, 1; English IV, Martin Adkins, 2; management of resources, Tacortia Williams, 2; English I, Te Arra Phoenix, 1.
North Desoto High School (III) — Spanish III, Danielle Saffel, 2; agricultural science I, Gregory Simmons, 2; introduction to business, Jacob Evans, 1; agricultural science IV, Nathan Huff, 1; consumer homemaking I, Robert Waller, 1; English IV, Travis Frazier, 3.
Pelican All Saints High (V) — geometry, Laureanna Crump, 4; algebra I, Mikesha Alexander, 5.
Stanley High School (V) — agricultural science I, Brittany Renois, 3; business computer application, Brittany Renois, 4; world history, Cara Carpenter, 3.
East Carroll Parish
Briarfield Academy (V) — geometry, Lane Robertson, 3; algebra I, Marron Frith, 1.
Franklin Parish
Franklin Parish High School (II) — algebra II, Alenna Wiggers, 1; English III, Betsy Ellerbe, 1; agricultural science I, Cole Curreington, 1; accounting, Dantarris McDaniel, 1; introduction to business, Elizabeth Corkern, 1; food and nutrition, Hannah Guimbellot, 2; French II, Jacquanda Robinson, 2; French I, Ken Bruce, 2; world history, Mason Galloway, 2; English II, Victoria Williamson, 2.
Jackson Parish
Jonesboro-Hodge High School (III) — business computer applications, Keirra Belton, 2.
Quitman High School (V) — English III, Caroline Maxwell, 3; chemistry, Caroline Maxwell, 2; geometry, Hunter Anderson, 5; agricultural science I, Justin Nelson, 1; Algebra II, Sean Tyler, 4; American history, Sean Tyler, 1; consumer homemaking I, Shelby Guyotte, 1; Algebra I, Sloan Smith, 3; advanced math I, Tyler Horton, 2; English I, Victoria Sharplin, 5; physical science, Victoria Sharplin, 1.
Weston High School (V) — human development and family development, Allison Gilbert, 1; introduction to business computer applications, Brittney Stephens, 2; business computer application, Cody Culpepper, 3; management of resources, Dakota Barlow, 2; physical science, Ethan Robison, 2; free enterprise system, Gretchen Bond, 2; English III, Justin Huckaby, 4; chemistry, Justin Huckaby, 1; Spanish I, Karina Medrano, 1; civics, Linden Dousay, 3; agricultural science III, Michael Savage, 2.
La Salle Parish
Jena High School (III) — agricultural science II, Aaron Sharp, 2; environmental science, Alana Joy, 2; geometry, Allen Kade Wilson, 2; journalism, Cameron Windham, 1; psychology, Carli Smith, 1; consumer homemaking I, Delana McCartney, 2; human development and family development, Derinesha Simmons, 1; world geography, Ethan Edwards, 2; advanced math I, Grace Russell, 3; business/financial mathematics, John Stephens, 2; management of resources, Kaitlyn Harville, 1; Spanish I, Kala Girlinghouse, 1; Spanish II, Leah Justus, 2; chemistry, Lexi Enterkin, 1; English I, Macy Tullos, 3; sociology, Natalie Enterkin, 1; American history, Nicholas Goode, 1; physical science, Weston Twiner, 3.
Lincoln Parish
Bethel Christian School (V) — English II, Jack Scharr, 3; English IV, Jacob Cain, 5; English I, Jacob Scharr, 2; civics, John Newman, 1.
Cedar Creek School (IV) — English III, Alarica Dietzen, 1; advanced mathematics II, Andrew McGehee, 1; geometry, Art Leangsuksun, 1; sociology, Casey Blackwelder, 1; Algebra I, Catherine Hild, 2; French I, Chloe Kaczvinsky, 1; English IV, Dana Bennett, 2; French II, Emily Cox, 1; computer science, John Waltz, 2; chemistry, John McCallum, 2; Algebra II, Justine Ker, 1; biology II, Kayla Hart, 3; American history, Mackenzie Lewis, 4; advanced mathematics I, Marissa Lee, 1; free enterprise system, Natalia Gomez, 2; English II, Saraf Ahmed, 1; physics, Trey Carpenter, 2; English I, Will Rudnicki, 1; Spanish III, Zach Johnston, 2.
Choudrant High School (IV) — human development and family development, Amber Barr, 1; agricultural science III, Amy Defreese, 1; agricultural science IV, Chelsy Lewis, 1; chemistry, Jessica Evans, 4; geometry, Justin Lord, 3; Algebra II, Katie Hogan, 3; Spanish I, Leslie Brister, 3; world geography, Luke Taylor, 3; Algebra I, Nathan Taylor, 3; business/financial mathematics, Savannah Allen, 1; American history, Thomas Walley, 3.
Dubach High School (V) — Spanish I, Alexandra Theodos, 3; agricultural science II, Jordan Jennings, 3; introduction to business, Kiera Ellis, 2; biology I, Logan Reeves, 3.
Grambling State University Lab School (V) Spanish II, Charla Standard, 2; calculus, Charla Standard, 1.
Ruston High School (I) — business/financial mathematics, Amber Brown, 1; psychology, Amber Grafton, 2; agricultural science III, Antonio Wilson, 1; Spanish II, Ashley Davison, 2; business computer application, Benicia King, 2; computer science, Casey Johnston, 1; world geography, Chad Leachman, 1; agricultural science II, Chris Calhoun, 1; English II, Clark Pierce, 2; agricultural science I, Cohen Stockman, 1; journalism, Drew Boyd, 1; Spanish I, Elizabeth Moore, 1; agricultural science IV, Haden Bryan, 1; American history, Holly Grigsby, 2; human development and family development, Kelvisha Reed, 1; physics, Linda Cross, 2; biology I, Macey Sutherland, 1; sociology, Mary Arthur Thompson, 2; Algebra I, Michael Davis, 2; introduction to business, Octavia Payton, 1; consumer homemaking I, Rachel Judd, 1; accounting, Ryan Barker, 1; Spanish III, Ryan Barker, 1; French I, Shelby Giddings, 1; biology II, Stephanie Dickerson, 2; environmental science, Taylor Rose, 2; chemistry, Taylor Kaufman, 1; world history, Tiffany Lewis, 2.
Simsboro High School (V) — agricultural science II, Leslie Elam, 2; consumer homemaking I, Rayelee Cato, 2; agricultural science I, Skylar Turner, 2.
Madison Parish
Tallulah Academy (V) — psychology, Caroline Windham, 3; biology II, Neil Watkins, 3; geometry, Robert Keith Grady, 1.
Morehouse Parish
Bastrop High School (I) — introduction to business computer applications, Aneatria Watson, 2; civics, Cody McGurk, 2; chemistry, Dona Burlew, 2; free enterprise system, Taylor Vancoevering, 2; human development and family development, Tra”shonda Jenkins, 2.
Prairie View Academy (V) — sociology, Kayla Tyson, 2; chemistry, Landon Caldwell, 4; advanced math I, Presley May, 3.
Ouachita Parish
Carroll High School (II) — Spanish III, Ashia Bouie, 2; consumer homemaking I, Christina Bulford, 2.
Neville High School (II) — civics, Amy Canizaro, 1; journalism, Anna McMullen, 1; calculus, Dan Coenen, 1; English III, Deandrea Harris, 2; physics, Demarcus Jacobs, 2; biology I, Evan Bursey, 2; psychology, George Flynn, 1; Spanish III, Jasmine Ledet, 1; advanced mathematics I, Jasmine Gipson, 2; introduction to business computer application, Jenna Mailhes, 2; chemistry, Kristen Goldman, 3; consumer homemaking I, Laura Dona, 1; biology II, Lauren Carroll, 1; English II, Madelyn Snead, 1; English I, Makenzie Coker, 1; algebra I, Margaret Jacks, 1; Spanish I, Paige Wyatt, 2; English IV, Rachel Jackson, 1; American history, Sam Hallack, 1; French I, Sara Jacks, 1; free enterprise system, Tejal Patel, 2.
Ouachita Christian (III) — algebra I, Amanda Labude, 2; algebra II, Avery Bromley, 1; civics, Barlow Holley, 1; advanced mathematics II, Billy Morvant, 1; geometry, Brian Halsell, 1; Spanish I, Carly Thaxton, 3; biology II, Caroline Anders, 1; biology I, Chad Duong, 2; English I, Hannah Mosher, 2; American history, J.T. McJunkins, 2; French II, Madison McDonald, 1; calculus, Piyush Prem, 1; chemistry, Tanner White, 3; French I, Tiffany Kiok, 1; English IV, Winson Wang, 1.
Ouachita Jr. High School (V) — algebra I, Jordan Bishop, 4.
Ouachita Parish High School (I)– algebra II, Ashton Garner, 2; introduction to business computer application, Channyn Stanley, 1; physics, Cody Torrance, 1; business computer application, Mallory Keene, 1; advanced mathematics II, Morgan Hargrove, 2.
River Oaks School (IV) — chemistry, Aaron Rogers, 1; biology II, Annabeth Pardue, 1; English III, Aya Mouhaffel, 2; English I, Daniel Zollinger, 2; Spanish III, Hannah Rugg, 1; world history, Jordan Raborn, 1; civics, Kayli Raeisghasem, 3; world geography, Mariam Henry, 1; physics, Philip Raesighasem, 1; English IV, Rachel Causey, 1; Spanish I, Samantha Thurmon, 1; American history, Seth Lawrence, 2; calculus, T.J. Spence, 1; Spanish II, Walker Thurmon, 1; algebra II, Zaib Qayyum, 2.
St. Frederick High School (IV) — English I, Brooke Matusiak, 3; French I, Brooke Matusiak, 2; English III, Erin Ellender, 3; free enterprise system, Greg Long, 1; American history, Jake Johnson, 1; world history, Jason Simon, 2; English II, Kristen Shaw, 3; physical science, Michael Dickerson, 3; psychology, Natasha Jordan, 2; business computer application, Robert Anderson, 2.
Sterlington High School (III) — biology II, Cody Petrus, 2; English II, Katie York, 2; advanced mathematics II, Kelsey Salsbury, 2; calculus, Salam Sheikh-Khalil, 2; French I, Stephanie Corona, 2; physical science, Tyler Gulley, 2.
West Monroe High School (I) — civics, Ahmed El-Giar, 1; French I, Alayna Rutledge, 2; biology I, Arielle Dison, 2; algebra II, Ausin Knies, 3; Spanish III, Carissa Godard, 2; Spanish II, Christina Mathews, 1; American history, Colton Cranford, 1; advanced mathematics II, Ellis Michael, 1; English III, Emily Traylor, 1; geometry, Jeffery Cornelison, 1; English IV, Joan Perez, 2; French II, Jordan Campbell, 1; advanced mathematics I, Josh Zuber, 2; calculus, Lacy Brooks, 2; consumer homemaking I, Laken Hampton, 2; free enterprise system, Maggie Sylvester, 1; world geography, Raquel Desautels, 2; English I, Ruth Crigler, 1; environmental science, Sarah Wheat, 1; English II, Summer Risinger, 1.
West Ouachita School (II) — geometry, Aaron Begay, 1; agricultural science III, Bethany Hundley, 2; biology I, Blade Lary, 1; physics, Cody Fordham, 1; human development & family relationships, Destiney Cathey, 1; advanced mathematics II, Juliann Allen, 1; chemistry, Kyle Temple, 2; Spanish II, Lindsay Cady, 3; agricultural science II, Mark Yates, 1; American history, Mary-Kate McFarland, 2; physical science, Sarah Gresh, 1; management of resources, Shiloh Bell, 1; world geography, Wes Magee, 1.
Wossman High School (II) — algebra II, Bria Savage, 2; calculus, Christopher Manning, 2; biology II, Christopher Manning, 3; algebra I, Gary Mitchell, 2; English I, Raven Traylor, 2; English III, Terranisha Hiley, 3; civics, Tyisha McFarland, 2; Spanish II, Whitney Smith, 2.
Richland Parish
Delhi Charter School (IV) — advanced mathematics I, Amanda Scott, 2; Spanish II, Jocelyn Whitley, 2; Spanish I, Kelly Scurria, 2; English IV, Samantha Tate, 3; biology I, Zachery Scott, 1.
Delhi High School (IV) — agricultural science II, Benjamin Cooper, 2; agricultural science I, Rasheed Godbolt, 1; introduction to business, Rufus Bingham, 1; environmental science, Rufus Bingham, 2; accounting, Terrilon Pruitt, 1; business computer application, Veronica Culverson, 3.
Mangham High School (IV) – business computer application, Emily Johnson, 1; biology I, Emily Johnson, 3; agricultural science III, Justin Dear, 2; algebra I, Kasia Cielatka, 4; English II, Scarlett Britt, 2.
Rayville High School (III) — English II, Camryn Martin, 1; free enterprise system, Clint Mercer, 2; algebra II, Gail Wilson, 2; biology I, Jacob Stokes, 3; civics, Jacob Stokes, 2; accounting, Marlena Sullivan, 2; world geography, Parker Neathery, 3; business computer application, Riley McEacharn, 3; English III, Riley McEacharn, 2; agricultural science III, Will Romero, 2; American history, Will Romero, 4.
Riverfield Academy (V) — computer science, Cameron Shoemaker, 1; world history, Daniel Fuller, 2; English II, Erin Noble, 1; English IV, Gabrielle Gandy, 2; world geography, Katee Fairchild, 2; English I, Mary Hillman, 4; physics, Patrick Johnson, 1; American history, Rebecca Hillman, 3; business/financial mathematics, Reed Trisler, 2; English III, Ryan Dupree, 1; algebra II, Ryan Dupree, 2; Spanish II, Taylor Green, 1.
Union Parish
Downsville High School (V) — management of resources, Lesly Banks, 1.
Farmerville High School (III) — world history, Andrew Norwood, 3; algebra I, Brian Findley, 3; biology I, Cody Simpson, 1; algebra II, Desiree Tarver, 4.
Webster Parish
Doyline High School (IV) — geometry, Haley Lewis, 4; English II, Jamie Flowers, 4; business/financial mathematics, Jessica Corke, 2; civics, Megan Long, 2; French II, Zach Spurgin, 2.
Glenbrook School (V) — calculus, Brittany Patterson, 2; Spanish III, Bryce Chandler, 1; computer science, Caroline Tucker, 2; food and nutrition, Ellie Ratcliff, 2; world geography, Ellie Ratcliff, 3; introduction to business, Heather Heflin, 1; sociology, Josh Stahl, 1; English II, Kate Tracy, 4; human development & family relationships, Lauren Williams, 2; geometry, Lauren Featherston, 2; advanced mathematics I, Levi Reagan, 1; agricultural science III, Matthew Tucker, 1; chemistry, Micah McGraw, 3; agricultural science IV, Michael Sanders, 2; civics, Noah Woodard, 2; algebra II, Peyton Ruple, 1; English IV, Preston Wise, 4; biology I, Quinton Martin, 4; journalism, Rachel Nastasi, 2; introduction to business computer application, Ryan Hammontree, 3; English III, Sarah McCann, 2; physical science, Taryn Eason, 3; advanced mathematics II, Taylar Page, 2.
Lakeside High School (III) — accounting, Elijah Guilliams, 1; biology II, Elijah Guilliams, 3; French II, Enrique Soto, 2; introduction to business computer application, Hilary Reeves, 1; physical science, James Taylor, 1; free enterprise system, Jamie Smith, 3; English II, Jamie Smith, 3; food and nutrition, Maria Sototorres, 1; computer science, Paul Donaubauer, 2; geometry, Sam Thrash, 3; business computer application, Tiffany Soto, 2; English III, Zach Fink, 3.
Minden High School (II) — business/financial mathematics, Antonio Hardy, 1; chemistry, Breann Brewster, 1; Spanish II, Buket Kantekin, 1; business computer application, Chelsea Parrie, 2; agricultural science I, Codie Wiggins, 2; physical science, Courtney Mitchell, 2; journalism, Holly Basiner, 2; American history, Jade Thorton, 3; Spanish I, Jared Miller, 1; advanced mathematics I, Jason Warren, 1; sociology, Jennifer Nunn, 1; free enterprise system, Jordan Perry, 1; agricultural science III, Josh Bates, 1; psychology, Kakayla Golden, 2; biology II, Kevin Hodges, 2; food and nutrition, Kristen Galpin, 1; algebra I, Mary Talamayan, 3; English IV, Matthew Callender, 2; environmental science, Michelle Colbert, 1; geometry, Mikaela Carender, 2; world geography, Shelby Reed, 2; world history, Tyler Bethea, 1.
Sarepta High School (V) – business computer application, Brianna Wiese, 2; agricultural science II, Dakota Goodgion, 1; French I, Emily McGuffey, 1; biology I, Jake Shows, 1; French II, Jayde Hughes, 1; food and nutrition, Jodi Wood, 1; English I, Kaleigh Cook, 3; algebra I, Kaleigh Cook, 2; introduction to business computer application, Kayla Foster, 1; biology II, Melanie Slack, 2; business/financial mathematics, Sterling Goodgion, 1.
Shongaloo High School (V) — world geography, Autumn Brooke Foster, 1; Spanish I, Brittany Puckett, 2; psychology, Darcy Wheaton, 1; free enterprise system, James Sapp, 1; French I, Jessica Sherrill, 2; environmental science, Robert Sherman, 1; physical science, Victoria Christian, 5.
Springhill High School (III) — English III, Amanda Thurman, 1; world geography, Christina Moseley, 1; environmental science, Elizabeth Johnson, 1; world history, Elizabeth Johnson, 2; physics, Justice Law, 2; free enterprise system, Kelly Hall, 1; Spanish II, Meoshia West, 1; civics, Taylor Carathers, 3.
West Carroll Parish
Epps High School (V) — agricultural science IV, Cameron Seamans, 1; biology I, Justin Mize, 5; consumer homemaking I, Mary Freeman, 3; Spanish II, Melanie Koppil, 3; free enterprise system, Morgan Mury, 3; human development & family relationships, Morgan Mury, 3.
Forest High School (IV) — consumer homemaking I, Ayzha Green, 1; algebra I, Cameron Irby, 1; management of resources, Candy Clark, 1; world geography, Chase Stephens, 2; sociology, Christopher Ruffin, 2; physical science, Cole McKoin, 2; introduction to business computer application, Danielle Rando, 2; introduction to business, Devon Ritchie, 2; advanced mathematics II, Holden Smith, 2; calculus, Holden Smith, 2; agricultural science II, Landon Cobb, 1; human development & family relationships, Leeann Copes, 2; geometry, Taylor Stutts, 2; free enterprise system, Tyler Hughes, 3; computer science, Tyler Hughes, 1.
Kilbourne High School (V) – business computer application, Lauren Eubanks, 1; English II, Lauren Eubanks, 5; accounting, Rachel Fowler, 1; Spanish I, Rachel Fowler, 4; American history, Samantha McAlpin, 2; biology II, Tony Cook, 1.
Oak Grove High School (IV) — agricultural science I, Alisha McCorkle, 2; civics, Angelic Dye, 1; chemistry, Bradley Davis, 3; environmental science, Bradley Davis, 1; introduction to business computer application, Haley Plunkett, 3; physical science, Kaiden Overby, 1; advanced mathematics I, Kirsti Plunkett, 3; biology I, Mason Delapp, 2; English I, Tanna Dartlon, 4.