Louisiana Tech pre-med students receive academic scholarships

May 4, 2010 | Applied and Natural Sciences

Five students from Louisiana Tech University’s College of Applied and Natural Sciences have been awarded scholarships in support of their pursuit of medical-related degrees.
Wesley Dean Reeves and Sawson Al-Agha from Ruston and Dennis Michael Thompson, II from Doyline, LA received the Marvin T. Green Foundation Scholarship.
Kelly Humphries and Mary-Arthur Thompson, both from Ruston, received the Ruston Hospital Endowment Scholarship.
“These scholarship recipients are highly qualified academically, and they are motivated to excel in pursuit of a medically related career,” said Dr. James Liberatos, dean of Tech’s College of Applied and Natural Sciences.
Students receiving the Marvin T. Green Foundation Scholarship must be a junior or senior having and maintain minimum GPA of 3.3, and have earned less than 110 credit hours (except nursing – 33 hours).  They must also be a full time student pursuing a medical related degree.
A Ruston Hospital Endowment Scholarship recipient must be a full-time student, pursuing a medical-related degree, and have and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.  They must also be a graduate of a Lincoln Parish high school with a composite ACT score of 21 or above.
“The financial assistance provided by the Marvin T. Green Foundation and through the Ruston Hospital Endowment is essential and greatly appreciated,” said Liberatos.
Written by Dave Guerin –