Louisiana Tech to use Tech 2020 mission, vision as foundation for the future

Jul 9, 2010 | General News

Louisiana Tech President Dan Reneau is using the mission and vision for Tech 2020, the university’s long-range strategic plan, as the foundation for mobilizing the campus community towards the advancement and growth of the institution.
The following is a letter Reneau sent Monday to all Louisiana Tech faculty and staff.
Dear Tech Family,
Over the past eighteen months, Louisiana Tech University has grappled with a series of multi-million dollar budget cuts, and we have made a strategic decision to renew our commitment to our TECH 2020 mission and vision.  We are moving forward aggressively to review the way we operate and the services we provide, in an effort to protect our most valued assets:  our people.
Great universities are the products of great people.  The greatest universities are able to use the power of a shared vision to assemble their constituents and achieve more as a team than would ever have been possible as individuals.  Armed with that approach, a great campus community can overcome just about anything.
As higher education in the state of Louisiana is undergoing unprecedented changes, so too must we change.
At the core of our campus community is the student.  As faculty and staff, we have the opportunity to interact with and educate some of the brightest young people that our state and our nation have to offer.  Many of these students could have gone to college anywhere, but they made the choice to attend Louisiana Tech University.
This fact should be a great source of pride for every faculty and staff member on this campus, and something that we should never take for granted.
The needs and expectations of the student body must be the core from which all university functions originate.  We, as members of the campus community, have a responsibility to understand and anticipate these needs and expectations so that we can address them in a timely and effective manner.  We must take an active role to engage and support both current and prospective students.
As future funding for our institution will likely be tied to enrollment numbers and performance metrics, we must all have a genuine interest in supporting successful recruitment and retention strategies and student success services.  The fact is that we must all be personally involved in these strategies.
Without this type of all-out and collective effort from each member of the faculty and staff, our proud University will slip backward to an unacceptable mediocrity, a concept that runs counter to the spirit of our University.  To put it quite simply, it is not an option.
The success of our students and our University is in our hands, and, through our joint efforts, we will continue to produce graduates who are prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders and valuable contributors to our state and our nation.
Louisiana Tech must not and cannot stand still and wait; we will move boldly forward on every front in pursuit of our mission and vision.  Our Tech Family is uniting around us, and the strength of our commitment is and always will be clear.
I welcome any thoughts or comments on this matter and thank you, in advance, for your commitment to the success of this most important initiative that is the beginning of a new era of progress in Tech’s proud history.
Daniel D. Reneau
TECH 2020 MISSION: Tech 2020 is a roadmap for Louisiana Tech University’s transition from a very good institution to a great one – one that most effectively serves the citizens of the State of Louisiana and prepares us to be competitive in this complex and rapidly changing world.
TECH 2020 VISION: Louisiana Tech University will be recognized as a top public research university with an unparalleled integrated educational experience …nothing less will do.
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