Louisiana Tech posts significant increases in fall enrollment, student quality

Sep 22, 2010 | General News

For the third consecutive year, Louisiana Tech University has seen an increase in both the quantity and quality of its students.  Recently released enrollment figures show an additional 515 students over last year, which is an increase of 4.6 percent – the largest percentage increase of any public four-year university in the state of Louisiana.
Louisiana Tech’s fall 2010 enrollment stands at 11,804.
In addition to the increase in numbers, Louisiana Tech has also posted its highest-ever incoming freshman ACT score average of 23.63 – a sizeable increase over last year’s average of 23.46.
“I am so very pleased with these numbers, especially in light of the unprecedented challenges our institution and our state have faced over the past couple of years,” said Louisiana Tech President Dan Reneau.  “Good students want to go to good schools and our success is a product of a culture that places the needs of the students first.”
“What we have accomplished is a testament to the dedication and tireless efforts of every member of the Louisiana Tech faculty and staff.”
In addition to increases in total headcount and ACT average, Louisiana Tech has also seen increases in first-time freshman enrollment (up 6.2 percent) and a record graduate school enrollment of 2,803 (up 10.8 percent).  Graduate school students now constitute over 23 percent of Louisiana Tech’s total student body.
Increases in Louisiana Tech transfer students, continuing students and undergraduate students were also reported.
Student recruitment, retention and engagement has been a point of emphasis on the campus and the cornerstone of Tech 2020 in 2010 – Louisiana Tech’s initiative to renew and refocus the original Tech 2020 strategic plan – first developed in 2005 – to ensure the university stays in tune with academic, economic and research trends in the state, region and nation.
Specifically, Tech 2020 in 2010 focuses on the development and implementation of strategies to improve student recruitment, retention, success, enrollment and diversity, while seeking to establish closer relationships with two-year institutions and broaden participation in research and development partnerships and activities.
“The transformation of higher education in Louisiana is taking place before our eyes,” Reneau said.  “The Tech family has chosen to use this transformation as an opportunity to strengthen their institution through providing the best possible support and services for its students.
“Through this approach, the students, the region and the state of Louisiana will reap the greatest rewards.”