Haynesville Shale documentary to be screened at Louisiana Tech

Sep 27, 2010 | General News

A screening of Haynesville, a documentary that explores the nation’s current energy situation and what the north Louisiana natural gas field could mean to the country’s energy picture, will take place on October 5 at 6:30 p.m. in Louisiana Tech University’s Wyly Auditorium.
The event is free (seating on first-come, first-serve basis) and open to the public.
Haynesville Director/Producer Gregory Kellenberg and Producer Mark Bullard will be in attendance and will participate in a question and answer session following the screening.  The event is hosted by Louisiana Tech’s School of Architecture with support from the Louisiana Tech University Union Board, Department of Social Sciences and the College of Engineering and Science.
“Our campus is less than an hour’s drive to the location of this energy resource and the subject of this film,” said Karl Puljak, director of Louisiana Tech’s School of Architecture.  “We find it important show Haynesville to Louisiana Tech and Ruston because the film captures the complexities that significant opportunities can bring to people and communities.”
“To have the film’s director and producer join us for a discussion is a great chance for our audience to discuss the film, the issues and the experience of telling this story with key members of the creative team.”
The film follows the momentous Haynesville Shale discovery and examines the historic find from the personal level as well as from the higher perspective of the current energy picture and pending energy future.
As the Haynesville boom erupts, the film focuses on three lives caught in the middle of the find: A single mom, taking up the defense of her community’s environmental protections, an African American preacher who attempts to use the riches to build a Christian school, and a salt-of-the-earth, self-described “country boy” who finds himself conflicted as he weighs losing his land to an oil company’s offer to make him a millionaire.
While tracking these lives, Haynesville also takes a hard look at the current energy picture and what the Haynesville Shale could possibly mean for a cleaner and greener energy future.
The film features never-seen-before on-screen discussions between environmentalists, academics and oil and gas industry folks as they hash out the idea of trying to find cleaner energy sources and how this natural gas discovery could possibly help provide an energy answer.
To learn more about Haynesville, visit the film’s website at  For more information about the screening at Louisiana Tech, please contact Karl Puljak at (318) 257-2816 or