College of Business hosts annual Banker’s Day

Nov 5, 2010 | General News

The College of Business at Louisinaa Tech University hosted its annual William D. Tindol “Banker’s Day” on November 4, featuring 11 executives representing eight banking institutions.
Banker’s Day provides a unique opportunity for business and academia to collaborate in the college setting.  Students are given examples of real-life experiences by business professionals in the banking industry.  This type of exposure offers students an understanding of the banking field and the type of career opportunities available to them upon graduation.

Banker's Day at the College of Business

Banking executives presented in four finance/economic classes during the morning and participated in a panel discussion and student reception in the afternoon.
Participating banks and their representatives included Barry Guinn of Argent Advisors, Inc., Steve Burkhalter of L. J. Holland, Ted Gibson of Bancorp South, Jason Smith of Citizens National Bank, Drake Mills of Community Trust Bank, Phil Fincher of First Guaranty Bank, Brian Smith of First National Bank, Debbie Head and Russ Nolan of JP Morgan Chase Bank, and Greg Lott of Progressive Bank.
Banker’s Day is made possible through the generosity of the Tindol family.   Their support of Banker’s Day allows the memory of William D. Tindol to continue to impact the future of banking by educating the next generation of banking executives.  In addition, Matt Maberry, a deserving finance student was the recipient of a generous scholarship in memory of Mr. William D. Tindol.
The College of Business is working diligently to establish and strengthen partnerships with businesses.  Banker’s Day created as a perfect opportunity for faculty and administration to strengthen partnerships with the banking world.
Written by Debbie Van De Velde –