Reneau welcomes nearly 1,400 Murphy USA managers to the ‘Louisiana Tech Family’

Jan 27, 2011 | General News

Louisiana Tech University President Dan Reneau took the main stage Tuesday at Murphy USA’s 2011 National Manager Meeting and Expo in Orlando to announce a groundbreaking educational and professional development partnership between the two organizations, to an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 1,400 managers.
The partnership, called “MurphyUSA@LaTech,” will provide Murphy USA managers and employees with focused educational programs, student and academic support services, and dedicated informational resources designed to meet the specialized needs of the MurphyUSA@LaTech student.
“I have the great honor and pleasure to announce this major joint venture with Murphy Oil USA, which will enable Murphy USA employees, all across the nation, to become part of the Louisiana Tech University family,” said Reneau.  “This new partnership is rooted in Louisiana Tech’s strong tradition of academic excellence and Murphy USA’s vision of continuous learning and growth for its employees.”
Reneau also told the crowd that, regardless of location, MurphyUSA@LaTech students will have access to the same student resources and services that are available to Tech’s traditional, campus based students.  “This is one of the cornerstones of the program.”
The MurphyUSA@LaTech partnership offers Louisiana Tech an opportunity to enrich its academic programs through close engagement with a Fortune 125 company and new learning and networking venues for its students and graduates.
Conversely, Murphy USA is able to leverage the academic strengths and reputation of Louisiana Tech to develop and retain a skilled workforce that can better serve the needs of its constituents and support the company in its corporate mission.
“Our world has changed dramatically in the past decade, and Louisiana Tech has stood firm in pursuing its mission,” Reneau said.  “We embrace opportunities, such as this partnership with Murphy USA, to better serve our communities, in new and different ways.”
Louisiana Tech and Murphy USA believe that the collaborative nature of this type of partnership could serve as a model for forging public-private educational ventures that are focused on creating significant economic and workforce development opportunities for the organizations and the communities and the regions that they serve.
At the conclusion of his address, Reneau left the excited crowd with one final assurance.
“We are absolutely committed to this partnership and to each and every Murphy USA employee that we’ll have the privilege to serve in the coming years.”
“Welcome to the Louisiana Tech Family.”